Mayweather mocks McGregor: “McLoser no longer wins even in his own sport”

Conor McGregor.

The defeat of Mcgregor this saturday against the american Dustin Poirier continues to be the talk of various fans. The Irishman returned to the octagon after a year away from the sport and caused hundreds of memes and taunts against him. However, this Sunday the boxer’s message stood out Floyd mayweather, who had no mercy against ‘The Notorious’.

A message on Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram account surprised everyone. The former boxer wrote an extensive text where he mocks the return of his former rival in the ring. McGregor and ‘Money’ met in one of the most anticipated matches in recent years. Mayweather remained overwhelmingly with the duel and from there a fierce rivalry was born.

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The undefeated world champion responded to a post asking fans why Mayweather was ‘hated for his behavior’ while McGregor was ‘loved’ for his way of being. However, the former boxer did not miss the opportunity to hit the fighter hard UFC.

“Scammer McLoser”

«I saw this publication and my opinion is that the world knows that the ‘Scammer McLoser‘He can steal everything from me and be loved, but they hate me. That lets everyone know that racism still exists, ”Mayweather began writing ‘Money’. “I only know that that tramp will never be like me or on my level,” he added spicy.

Finally, the champion assured that he does not understand the reason for ‘The Notorious’ to face in a potential duel against Manny pacquiao. “I am just built differently, my mindset is on another planet, my skills are second to none, I am a born winner and yes, I speak a lot of nonsense, but I back it over and over again! Conor can’t even win at his own sport, but he talks about going back to boxing to fight Pacquiao. Nobody wants to see that, it is as if my leftovers ate the leftovers, “he declared forcefully.

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