Tremendous! Fernando Alonso with confidence for 2021: «I feel young and strong»

Fernando Alonso

When Fernando Alonso withdrew from the Formula 1 in 2018, fans were very disappointed. The Asturian had announced that he would leave the category, however he never completely said goodbye. He always flirted with a possible return and despite venturing into other categories, the question was always the same: when does he return?

Within the framework of 24 hours from LeMans virtual, Fernando Alonso spoke in a broadcast with his colleagues Rubens Barrichello and Tony kanaan. The Asturian highlighted his return to the category and spoke about his physical and mental state. In addition, he gave the real reason for his departure from the top flight in 2018, while he was in Mclaren.

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Alonso confessed that he was thinking of venturing into other categories and was not so involved in his career in Formula 1. “I had other things on my mind. My head was busy with IndyCar and the objective of the Triple Crown. I wanted to finish the WEC The best way possible. At that time, the Australian Grand Prix and Sebring collided. I wanted to win the Endurance World Cup, I had DaytonaI also wanted to race 24 Hours with a Cadillac, that was on my mind. And I had the ‘feeling’ that I could try to run in the Dakar in 2020 ″

“I had a lot of things in my head that were not Formula 1. Formula 1 did not seem attractive to me. It did not offer me what other championships did offer me at that moment. So I thought, ‘Okay, let’s stop here. I do not know if I will return with the new rules in 2021 or not, so we will say that it is my last race, “he said about what he thought when leaving the category.


Although Formula 1 did not appeal to him, Alonso found a fuel. Starting next season, the new regulations will allow teams to have new hope. “After I completed some of those challenges, I thought it was the right time to come back, even if the new rules are for 2022. I feel good, I feel young, I feel strong, so let’s try again,” said the Spaniard. to close.

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