Are you retiring? Aaron Rodgers’ future is anyone’s guess

Are you retiring?  Aaron Rodgers' future is anyone's guess

Green bay packers suffered a tough elimination from the playoffs of the NFL this Sunday against the Tampa Buccanneers. Once again, Aaron Rodgers he is one step away from the Super Bowl, losing the hand-to-hand duel against Tom Brady. The seasoned quarterback will have tough weeks in the offseason, and his retirement could be on the table.

Future in doubt

Aaron Rodgers he declared to the press after the defeat in the Conference Final, and his frustration was more than notorious. The veteran did not give hints of his future, although he acknowledged that the defeat has been a hard blow for him. “The future of many of the boys is uncertain, including mine. It’s sad for now and at some point we’ll get over it. Having the uncertainty is difficult.

What happened to you? Aaron Rodgers responded to the criticism for not playing it in 4th and goal: “It was not my decision”

Marshal of Green bay packers He clarified that the decision on his future is not defined, and that he will take time to assimilate what happened in this elimination of the franchise. “I do not know what I’m going to do. There are a lot of things to think about this postseason. I will take some time to free my mind and think about what happens. Now is hard”.

Despite the immense frustration over the loss against the Buccaneers, the quarterback showed his pride in the team’s work and thanked the squad for their effort throughout the season. “It is very difficult to get here and not continuing hits you hard. It causes an empty feeling in your stomach. I appreciate the work this year, the interaction and the day-to-day work. I am grateful for this year.

Aaron Rodgers’ numbers in the Conference Finals

Aaron Rodgers He did not have a bad game this Sunday in the definition of the NFC title. QB 33 of 48 attempts attempted, for a total advance of 346 yards. In addition, the quarterback had 3 touchdowns, with only one delivery of the ball. However, the quarterback was strongly criticized for not playing in 4th and goal with 2 minutes to go, scoring 3 points with a field goal when they were 8 points behind.

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