Buccaneers: First team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl at home

Buccaneers: First team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl at home

Tom brady he has achieved what at the beginning of the season seemed impossible. In his first year leading the offensive of the Buccaneers, has led the team to the Playoffs after a 14-year absence, and has managed to qualify for the Super bowl after 19 years. Now the franchise dreams of the ring of the NFL, and they will be the first team in history to play the ‘Big Game’ at home. His rival will be the Kansas City Chiefs.

As in many other elite competitions in the world, the NFL selects the venue for its grand finale prior to the start of each season. For the 2020-2021 campaign, Raymond James Stadium was the venue selected for the Vince Lombardi trophy dispute. This will be the fifth time that the Super bowl is held in the city of Tampa, and the third in this stadium.

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Buccaneers and a historic Super Bowl

Surprisingly, since the dispute of the first Super bowl In 1967, it had never happened that a team played the grand final of the championship at home. What is happening with Buccaneers and Tom brady It is a true milestone in the league, although unfortunately the stadium will not be full (limited capacity) due to the pandemic.

Before this campaign, there were several teams that qualified for the Playoffs just in the season in which their stadiums would host the Super bowl. These were Minnesota Vikings (2017), Houston Texans (2016), and Miami Dolphins (1998, 1994, 1978, 1970). However, none of these managed to reach the final match for the ring.

Tom Brady and his numbers in the Super Bowl

Besides Buccaneers, the one that continues to make history is Tom brady. The marshal continues to extend his record of appearances in the Super bowl with 10 participations, and is also looking to expand its record with the most titles by winning the seventh ring. It is also worth noting that he is the player with the most MVP (4), with the most passes to touchdown (18), most passing yards (2838), most completions (256), most passing yards in the same edition (466 ) and more complete passes in the same edition (43). ‘TB12’ is also the longest-lived quarterback to play and win the ‘Big Game’.

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