Gonzalo Quesada referred to Nicolás Sánchez’s red at the Stade Français

Gonzalo Quesada referred to Nicolás Sánchez's red at the Stade Français

During the match between Toulon and Stade Français, Nicolas Sanchez was sent off at the end of the first leg for a tackle to Baptiste serin. After checking with the TMO, the referee interpreted that the play was dangerous and, in this way, the Tucuman suffered the first expulsion in his career. Post defeat by the Top 14, Gonzalo Quesada referred to this and the current status of all Paris.

“I would like to see the video of Nico (Sanchez). It is very difficult for him. It’s normal for him to be so disappointed when he came out because he’s so committed to this team. He works hard, he trains very hard, he tries to help all the players on the team in various sectors. He wants the team to progress. It does not save in terms of effort, “said the Argentine coach who at the same time concluded:” I was very excited about this challenge of returning as a starter, against Toulon. He was waiting for this opportunity and had prepared well. It was a rare moment, unfortunately he put his shoulder in the wrong place. I don’t know if there are extenuating circumstances. I think it could have been for red, but it is difficult for him. After the red card, there was no more game. “

Further, Quesada He maintained: “We had a lot of indiscipline. This is one of the factors in the game that has gone wrong. We lost and we can only blame ourselves, but I think the refereeing was a bit rough. In the second period, we couldn’t hope for better with 14 against 15 but the players fought and gave it their all. I am really disappointed with that first stage.

“We defended well. Then three or four mistakes and we are left with this image at the end, but at the start of the match, Toulon did not dominate. Those mistakes, those missed tackles, those penalties conceded … We went back to halftime with too big a deficit. There was no game with the red card. We are in a period of mistrust ”, analyzed the head coach of the Stade Français.

The next date, the set of Paris will receive Castres on Sunday, January 31 for a new date of Top 14 which, with one game less, has it in eighth place.

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