Daniel Ricciardo impressed with the return of Fernando Alonso: «He only knows one speed»

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso ‘returned’ to Formula 1 at the controls of Renault r25 with which he won his first world title in 2005. In an exhibition, the Asturian impressed everyone present at the Yas Marina circuit, within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, improving the times of Daniel Ricciardo, which was the fastest of the race.

Although Ricciardo was surprised by Alonso’s display, the Australian did not know that he had improved his fastest lap. In his words, when he saw the camera in the 2005 car, he thought it was going much slower than he expected. In an interview with the ‘GPFans’ media, Ricciardo was ‘concerned’ about Alonso’s performance on his return.

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Ricciardo assured that he does not understand the criticism that Alonso is given due to his age, since he showed in Abu Dhabi that he can run fast in any car. «I saw the onboard. It was pretty good. If anyone thinks Alonso is too old, that’s not the case, that’s for sure. I think that man only knows one speed and he was fast even in the corners. He had no qualms about getting the most out of the car, “he said.

In addition, the Australian said that when he saw the cameras he did not seem to be going that fast with a 2005 car. “It’s funny because I didn’t have a stopwatch, but I knew that he had to be going much slower than us. It seemed faster because the sound was awesome and that’s the V10. Did he really do a 1’39 ”? Wow! Well, it wasn’t that slow, ”he said with a laugh.


At the Yas Marina circuit, Alonso said that after getting in the car, he couldn’t go at low speed. It’s an incredible feeling. I keep smiling and will keep smiling until 2021. To be honest, I can’t go slow with this car. Whenever I am in this car I have great memories of the past, for me it is natural to go fast. Feeling this speed is something incredible, it is a perfect machine for me »

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