Jorge Lorenzo wants to return to the MotoGP paddock: «It would be a first for me»

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo withdrew from MotoGP at the end of 2019, after a bad season and several injuries that compromised his physical condition. The Spaniard achieved historic titles and victories for Spanish sport. However, he could not return to the performance he had had, despite having the best bike on the grid in the category and with Marc Márquez, who was champion.

Following rumors that he was a possible test rider for some teams, the Spaniard left the bike and is now enjoying his money and luxuries in Dubai. A bad year as a tester Yamaha and a bad relationship with the leaders of the Japanese brand, they left him with no chances to continue riding on some circuits.

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After a dismal 2020, Lorenzo is heading for a return to the MotoGP paddock. However, he will not do it as an official pilot, nor as a tester. In his words, he wants to be present at the World Cup as a commentator for the broadcasts of the 2021 Grand Prix. Although that is his wish, he did not confirm if he will do so in the near future.


“I have many projects in mind for the future, even more relaxed and less stressful than being a MotoGP rider. In any case they are interesting things and represent a novelty for me, like being a TV commentator. Nor do I rule out the possibility of teaching young pilots and even managing a young man in the future, “said the five-time World Champion.

Fitting room

On the other hand, the former Ducati rider pointed out that there were calls from a team to integrate their pilot roster for 2021. “As you know, I have severed my relationship with Yamaha as a test rider. There has been talk of the possibility that Aprilia, and indeed there have been contacts. We sat down to talk, but we couldn’t reach an agreement. They preferred to stay with the pilots they already had. My intention to continue as a test pilot is firm, but if I don’t succeed, it won’t take away my sleep, honestly, “he said.

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