“My leg is completely dead”: the serious consequences that Conor McGregor goes through, when will he return?

Conor McGregor

After what was his fateful return to the UFC, falling before Dustin Poirier, the Irish Conor McGregor ended up with serious consequences after the technical knockout in the Etihad Arena. The authorities decided to give him 180 days off, unless a doctor authorizes an early return if it improves. His fight against Poirier in the main match of the UFC 257 He made it quite sense, he could be seen leaving the stadium with walking complications and now they are evaluating its consequences.

McGregor was unable to return to the octagon and fell to American Poirier in the second round by technical knockout at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. After finishing the fight, the Irishman was seen with serious consequences for walking, he left with effort and limping on his right leg, which he could barely support. In addition, he was seen using a cane to get around. After the mandatory medical studies carried out by the company, it was determined that he will not be able to fight for at least six months, unless he shows conditions to do so earlier.

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According to ‘MMA.TV’, the entity that owns the official records of the Boxing Commission Association, McGregor will be out for 180 days (unless a doctor authorizes his return beforehand) as a precaution against his visible consequences after the defeat against Porier . For its part, ‘The Diamon’ will be inactive only for a mandatory rest week, to take into account the differences of the sequels.

The Irish UFC star will have to wait 45 more days for the final verdict, since at that time he will have to present an X-ray of his right leg tibia and fibula to see if he is fit to return. “High is high and low is low in this game, my leg is completely dead. Even if I felt like he was parrying his kicks, it was mostly in the front of the leg. It was very badly compromised, it looks like a football every minute, “said McGregor after the loss.

In addition, he added, quite hurt by the knockout, the following: “I will lick my wounds. I am devastated, I put in so much work. Well done Dustin, we are one on one ”. The Irishman also maintained that he will return to action to regain his lightweight belt. Rumor has it there will be a rematch against Poirier, also a possible fight against Nate Diaz and a likely return to boxing with Manny Paquiao.

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