Ryan Garcia vs. Pacquiao Reasons: How Ryan Rocked Boxing Selling Smoke

Las razones de Ryan García vs Pacquiao: Cómo Ryan sacudió el boxeo vendiendo humo

Again the interim champion CMB of the 135 pounds, Ryan Garcia is on everyone’s lips in boxing, and all for a supposed fight with Manny pacquiao.

Last Sunday, Ryan went up to Instagram a poster practically announcing a fight with Pacquiao, without offering further details. Ryan He left the bomb and left. But, there was something curious in his news: it did not say date, television channel or in what weight.

Since then, social networks erupted with comments, opinions, and others, giving as official a fight that does not yet exist. Since Sunday, Ryan Garcia has not touched on the subject. From the silence, with a sly smile, Ryan see how he set Troy on fire.

That immediately got me thinking: is it a trolling of Ryan? Is it another way to attract attention on the networks? It didn’t cross my mind that it was real.

Own Manny pacquiao was on Monday the voice of sanity. From the Philippines he clarified that these negotiations are for an exhibition fight and not a real one.

What’s the point of doing an exhibition between Manny Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia?

Simple. This would benefit Ryan Garcia on his way to stardom. If anyone knows how to create “stars”, it is Oscar de la Hoya himself, who is responsible for making the world know about Canelo Alvarez.

I am almost certain that all this is a strategy of Oscar to make his future “face” of Golden Boy Promotions and eventually boxing. It is the only sense that makes me organize the event: raise the media profile of Ryan Garcia putting it against one of the few stars cross over left in boxing as it is Manny pacquiao.

The details of the “fight”

The weight would be another stumbling block when trying to make it a reality. Ryan he just won his first title or so important at 135 lbs. PacquiaoAs we know, he is an established champion at 147 pounds.

Ryan does not represent anything to Pacquiao in his legacy. Nor would it represent, at this time, a large economic bag that is higher than what he would earn fighting with Crawford or Spence. Nor would it represent another title for your collection.

As the only interesting attraction for Pacquiao, It would be a fight agreed at 140 pounds for a vacant title. That, perhaps, would tempt him to take the fight, to try to win a legitimate world title at 140 pounds, a weight where he has never won one of the world-renowned titles, such as AMB, CMB, FIB and OMB.

Selling smoke, Ryan shook the hornet’s nest

Ryan Garcia already sold something that is not there. It remains current by constantly shaking social networks, and with this, it is constantly on the lips of boxing fans. All this, thanks to his 8.4 million followers on Instagram, which are only surpassed by Floyd mayweather, Mike tyson and Anthony Joshua.

It is very easy for him to roll the hornet’s nest, causing reactions of all kinds, both negative and positive. And this may be the perfect recipe for a superstar to be born.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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