Julián Montoya: “I think Leicester is the best place for me”

Julián Montoya: "I think Leicester is the best place for me"

In his first interview since arriving at Leicester, Julian Montoya sat down to talk about his move to East Midlands, bonding with his new teammates (among which are the Argentines Tomás Lavanini, Matías Moroni, Joaquín Díaz Bonilla and Facundo Gigena), The Pumas and the emotion of representing Tigers.

“I am very, very excited about this new adventure, it is something new for me. I love the Premiership, It is one of the best competitions in the world and I am very happy to be in a club with the history of Leicester. To play in Europe It’s a really exciting challenge for me, “said the Argentine.

Further, Montoya He remembered his step in 2011 when he was in school and visited Leicester: “Yes, I almost joined the Tiger Academy several years ago, after my school team toured England and Ireland and we play against the academy. I was in contact with the club after that. But it was a great experience for us and a very, very tough game and something we all still remember from our school days. “

Regarding the Northern Hemisphere playing areas that you want to experience, the hooker from The Pumas He commented: “I think I have improved a lot on set-ball play recently and in Leicester I can keep learning and trying to get better every day. I think this is the best place for me.”

When it comes to talking about your new colleagues, Montoya He highlighted the presence of other Argentines on the squad: “Some of my closest friends are here, so being able to play with them again is great, and our wives and girlfriends are also good friends, which is great for all of us. great people and great players and I’ve missed them. I’m excited to be here with them in Leicester. “

Then it was time to remember the great tour of The Pumas by Australia at Three nations and the historic victory over All Blacks: “It was a great tournament. It started hard, we couldn’t play for almost nine months and we were quarantined in Argentina, Uruguay and Australia. We wanted to be together, to be proud of the jersey of Argentina and train hard for each other. We only thought about the team and it was our priority, that’s what successful teams do. Victory over New Zealand It was a great game, our focus was defense and the stopped ball was really good. What we practiced, we imposed on the court and we all got there after training alone, in quarantine and the emotion of that took us home. I am very honored to be a part of The Pumas, to represent Argentina and wear the shirt. “

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