What happened? Sebastian Vettel generated a wave of memes through his hair: «This is how Ferrari leaves you»

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel returned to official activity in the Formula 1. The German came to his new team, Aston martin, and officially began working with its engineers on Wednesday. The official account of the British team shared a video where ‘Seb’ can be seen arriving at the factory. However, the memes they did not take long to appear.

Everyone remembers the mane that Sebastian Vettel had when he landed in Formula 1. Long blond hair impressed the fans of the category. However, in the last hours the German’s look came into focus. The surprise of the video is that there is no longer a long hair on Vettel’s head. It could be seen that he arrived almost bald at the Aston Martin factory.

When is it retired? Sebastian Vettel already thinks about a date for the goodbye to Formula 1

The German generated a wave of memes on social networks. Vettel’s little hair was the object of ridicule from fans of the categories. However, one of the sights was the team Ferrari. According to fans, the Ferrari team was one of the main reasons for the baldness of the new Aston Martin driver. “Ferrari not only punishes on the track,” says one of the users.

On the other hand, Vettel was also compared with Lewis Hamilton. When Hamilton arrived in Formula 1, he could be seen with little hair in his hair. However, over the years he has recovered and currently has a large amount of hair, to the point of having a head full of braids. “Lewis’s comeback to Seb has not only been in world titles,” adds another.


The year 2020 was Vettel’s last year at the Ferrari team. The results were not as expected for the German, who came to the team with the aim of being champion and retired with one of the most disastrous seasons in Ferrari history. However, he achieved a podium at the Turkish Grand Prix, coming in third place, behind Hamilton and Sergio Pérez.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

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