Historical! Jennifer King, first African-American woman to coach in the NFL

Historical!  Jennifer King, first African-American woman to coach in the NFL

American sport continues to break down prejudices, and Washington Football Team has made a landmark announcement in the NFL. Jennifer king She has been promoted by Ron Rivera from intern to assistant coach of the franchise offensive team, being the first African-American coach to land a full-time position in the league.

Jennifer king is not a new person in the NFL. The coach served the last year as an assistant to the running coach, Randy Jordan. In previous years, he had also been an intern at Carolina Panthers, when Ron Rivera ran the franchise. Now she has finally been promoted after the magnificent work done with the Washington team.

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Jennifer King recognizes the great milestone in the NFL

“It is really important at this time to be a good role model for other children, which I did not have while growing up. I didn’t have anyone who looked like me working. Being able to see that, I think, is great. It’s super cool to be a part of this »were the words of the new assistant coach of Washington Football Team after the ascent.

King He stressed that, for the moment, he does not see any difference in the role he will have for the team beyond his position. However, he did not deny that the officialization represents a great step in the history of the NFL. “Maybe in 10 or 15 years I will be able to look back and feel the magnitude of this. I’ve already been working with the guys, so this won’t be much different for me.

Rivera’s praise

Ron Rivera explained why he decided to promote the coach. «Jennifer king he deserves promotion to assistant running coach. She came to Washington eager for the opportunity to work as a full-year training intern and learn from our staff. She demonstrated all the qualities it takes to work full time on my staff. She is a great worker, a great communicator and a quality person.

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