A former Honda leader criticized Marc Márquez’s doctors: “It went too far”

A former Honda leader criticized Marc Márquez's doctors: "It went too far"

In the last hours the doctors who carried out the first operation of Marc Márquez they were the center of criticism. The Spaniard was injured after a fall in the Spanish Grand Prix and it was very felt on his right shoulder. After a surgical intervention, the multi-champion was declared optimal to climb his Sling, although he would eventually end up giving up.

Despite the fact that the doctors assured that the intervention to which Márquez was subjected had been successful, the Spaniard did not get back on the motorcycle since the second date of the 2020 championship of MotoGP. From that moment, until today, Márquez underwent surgery two more times and it is not yet known when he will officially compete again with the Repsol Honda team.

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After these results, the doctors who intervened in the first operation and the doctors in the category were the main targets. One of those who most targeted them was the former sports director of the Japanese brand, who assured that they are responsible for Marc not being able to return to the category

“It was too far”

Livio Suppo, former head of Honda, exploded after seeing that Márquez missed the entire 2020 season due to the injury suffered in Spain. Marc went too far because they allowed him to. The responsibility lies with the doctors. They shouldn’t have allowed him to get on such a demanding motorcycle, ”Suppo told ‘Paddock TV’.

On the other hand, Suppo took aim hard at the leaders of his former teams for making the decision to allow Marquez to run. “It was crazy. With so little recovery time. If I had been Honda’s crew chief, as I was, I would have done my best to keep him from getting on the bike. Without naming him, Suppo shot Alberto Puig.

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