Andrea Iannone got back on the bike and dreams of the future: “I can still change gears”

Andrea Iannone

A few months ago the life of Andrea Iannone completely changed. Behind the Malaysian Grand Prix of 2019, the Italian tested positive for consumption of Drostanalone (an anabolic) and was temporarily suspended for 18 months. However the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA) had no mercy with the sanction: 4 years without official activity.

From there the Italian began a great legal battle in order to reverse his situation. Iannone alleges that he is innocent and that his anabolic intake was caused by contamination in the meat he consumed in Malaysia. In addition, a few days ago it was learned that the amount of substance in his body was just above the limit, so just by drinking water prior to the test, he would have avoided the penalty.

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Despite the fact that the lawyers of the former team driver Aprilia from MotoGP They presented enough evidence to show that they did not use any illegal substance for at least six months before the positive, the TAS did not grant their claim. At age 31, the Italian’s sports career seems to be over. However, in the last hours he returned to one of his greatest passions.

Back to the bike

This Friday, Andrea Iannone got back on a motocross bike. Hand in hand with his friends Roman Fenati (known for a controversial maneuver in Moto2, when he squeezed the brake of his rival at more than 200 km / h), Dennis Foggia (Moto3 rider) and Mateo Baiocco (Superbike rider), he was able to get on a Motocross and prepare for what is coming in the future.

As he continues his legal fight and hopes to return to competition. Iannone shares his return to the motorcycle on his social networks. Hi all! Today I got on the bike and it was great. I can still change gears. I have not forgotten how it is done and that is the good thing. I was with the boys, who are training and I came for a few laps after a long time and it was very nice. I send a greeting and a hug to the fans of motorcycles, “said the Italian.

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