Viral!  The video where Dustin Poirier's wife surprises Conor McGregor after the fight: "Thank you very much"

A few hours ago, a video on Instagram went viral, in which the woman from Dustin Poirier with Conor McGregor. There, the aforementioned surprised the recently defeated Irishman, who received her with a smile and much joy. Without a doubt, both fighters behaved like true gentlemen, so their women were shocked and grateful for the affection provided at all times.

Taking into account the great performance he had before Conor McGregor, whom he knocked out in the second round of the UFC 257 main event, could have a trilogy with the Irishman or go for the Lightweight title. In this way, there are many who believe that he should have his shot for the crown in the division, after having liquidated practically all the contenders.

Is it the title fight? Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier in the UFC’s sights for the crown

In the video it looks like Jolie He enters the former Irish champion’s locker room, where he automatically greets him and asks how he’s doing. There, Mcgregor He says, “Well, what about you?” “Well, thank you,” replied the woman. Then, immediately afterwards, the beautiful and happy wife of Poirier He acknowledged: “Thank you very much for everything. You help many people to change. Clearly this exploded on digital platforms.

The moment is viral

«Beautiful show of respect between the wife of Poirier, Jolie Y Mcgregor after the fight. What is it about. «, Was what the official account of Fullviolence on Instagram, making it clear what happened. Being that way, the woman’s gesture quickly went viral on social networks, remaining on everyone’s lips for the humility of a family that continues to grow in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

In the first battle, in the previous one, both crossed strongly on several occasions. Then, Mcgregor knocked out Poirier in a few seconds and everything was there. Several years later, the two acted like men on the matter and never disrespected each other. So much so, that at the end of the battle, with Conor lying on the canvas, they both hugged and congratulated. Without a doubt, a gesture to show it to the whole world.

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