Messi and Barcelona are going to sue after the publication of a "private document"

BARCELONA – The newspaper El Mundo del Siglo XXI published in its edition this Sunday an exclusive information, providing documentary evidence that supports said information, according to which the last contract that Lionel Messi signed with Barcelona supposed the Barça club a disbursement of 555 million euros until June 2021, always counting, yes, that a series of variables were met that have not always been achieved.

The publication of the news provoked both the reaction of Barcelona, ​​distancing itself from any responsibility in the appearance of the same and announcing that it will take legal action against the newspaper because it is a “document exclusively private and governed by the principle of confidentiality between the parties “and understand that its publication may cause harm, and the Argentine soccer player’s own environment, confirming to ESPN Deportes that his lawyers are already working on a lawsuit against El Mundo for the publication of the contract, studying to implicate those who from within the club had access to said contract and could have leaked it.

Barcelona sources rejected “categorically” that the leak could have arisen from the club itself, warning that said contract was also in the hands of LaLiga, the tax agency and the law firm that in its day processed the burofax that sent requesting the exit of the player.

The extensive report, of which no assessment was made from Messi’s environment, specifies all the amounts to be paid by the club between the 2017-18 season and 2020-21, both in terms of fixed and variable salaries in the employment contract as in the image contract and whose total sums amount to 555 million 237 thousand 619 gross euros, which in net amounts would represent an income for Leo, the information also states, of approximately 297 million euros.

The contract, in terms of remuneration, begins by revealing that Messi has a fixed annual salary of 61 million 328 thousand 520 gross euros under the concept of ‘salary, tab, bonuses per game won, allowances, compensation for private trips and seniority’ and establishes various variables in terms of the number of games played (exceeding 60 percent of the total team), the titles won or the Champions League stages passed, as well as individual awards.

To these more than 61.3 million euros of the employment contract, another 10 million 822 thousand 680 euros per season are added for the same concepts in the image contract, which total 43 million 290 thousand 720 euros.


If the publication of the newspaper highlighted the considerable economic impact that it has on the concept of expenses for Barça, citing those more than 555 million euros at a particularly delicate moment due to the pharaonic debt that the club carries, the income is not taken into account that generates Messi’s membership, which can be discovered through the numerous advertising contracts that the entity obtains thanks to the Argentine soccer player.

This explains both the 55 million euro contract signed in 2017 by the Japanese multinational Rakuten as the club’s main sponsor, alluding to the tenure of Leo … and the renewal for a single year signed in 2020 (until 2022) whose The decrease in the figure is understood by the incidence of covid and, also, by the uncertainty of the player’s future.

“Messi is the fundamental part of Barça’s atypical income. I am analyzing how much money he generates for the club and the figure is between 250 and 300 million euros per year. If his gross salary is 140, at least Barça gets 100 million euros. benefit “revealed in a conversation with the EFE agency Marc Ciria, financial advisor and partner of the firm Diagonal Inversiones.

“When you sell the Barcelona brand around the world, you put on the face of Messi. Under these conditions, no brand would dare to renew for three or four more years because it is unknown what the value of the club will be without this player,” said Ciria, adding that 40 percent of the spectators who go to the Camp Nou on match day “are national and international tourists, who contribute a lot of money to the club, and come to see Messi’s Barça”.

The sum of the contracts of Rakuten (55 million until the last renewal), Nike (105 million fixed per season), Konami (20) and Beko (19 that ends this year) have earned Barcelona about 200 million euros per year that, remembers the financier they have in Leo Messi to the main protagonist.