What happened? Uriah Hall was very angry and shot a UFC champion: “I want to beat you.”

What happened?  Uriah Hall was very angry and shot a UFC champion: "I want to beat you."

Uriah Hall, extraordinary fighter of UFC, was very angry in these hours and attacked a champion of the company. After finishing his last battle with one of the best of all time, now he wants to go in the footsteps of another legendary Mixed Martial Arts star. However, his strong words made much more noise than the name itself of his possible next victim.

The current UFC Middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, has a new suitor at this time and that is precisely Uriah Hall. Whoever ended Anderson Silva’s career in the worst way a few months ago is now looking for “Izzy.” He knocked out the Brazilian in his last fight and is not satisfied. For this reason, he liquidated the Nigerian, who will face Jan Blachowicz in a short time, with two belts at stake.

He is not afraid of it! A UFC star asked to face Israel Adesanya: “I want that damn thing”

In this way, Hall He started by saying, “You live in your own damn life. I’m living my life So why the hell are you telling me what to do? Get out of here. This goes beyond the competition. I am beyond the competition. You should see me playing video games. I’ll curse and if the audience knew what I was saying, they would delete my account.

Don’t lower your spirits

I’m cursing my ass. But I am very competitive. It could be the simplest thing and I think I’m going to win. I’m going to do it. But yes, this comes from a very pure competitive side, but you have to circumvent all the policies to get there. I have to do what I have to do to get to it. That is what I want, no matter what others think or say, “he also communicated.

To close, Uriah Hall He said, “I was hoping he wouldn’t drop the title because, like, I want to beat you. But if you do, even better. I’ll get there, grab it and come to you. I’m very competitive like that and he’s one of those guys who would bring out the best in me. If you thought Anderson’s fight was cool, wait until you see this shit. It is only a matter of time to finish him.

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