Be? Patricky Freire gave the winner between Poirier and Chandler in the title fight: “He’ll make it easy.”

Be?  Patricky Freire gave the winner between Poirier and Chandler in the title fight: "He'll make it easy."

Patricky Freire, known as «Pitbull», gave the winner in a hypothetical cross between Michael Chandler Y Dustin Poirier. Both won by knockout at UFC 257 and everything indicates that they would be the ones to fight for the title that Khabib Nurmagomedov would leave vacant. Therefore, the champion and star of Bellator pulled to the side, making it clear that his rival would have no chance of beating him inside the cage.

Before the press, Freire began by saying: «The performance of Michael Chandler on his UFC debut it was great. His opponent was great, but it felt like he wasn’t mentally ready to face Michael Chandler. He collapsed from his pressure and early movement. Many people thought that Chandler would not support him and ended up knocking him out. If Dustin Poirier is his next opponent, I think he wins just as easily and in exactly the same way.

The candidate! Dustin Poirier heads straight for UFC title: “I have a goal”

«It will be as cruel as his debut. I won’t endorse it, but I’m realistic and I know the damage it can do in this weight class. He has powerful hands and great wrestling. It is very aggressive. It’s hard to take him down and he has good takedowns. He can fight anyone on his feet and has already knocked out great forwards. It will be difficult to stop it. If he can do all that and I stopped him, how good am I? Let’s put that to the test, ”he also stressed.

New war between Bellator and UFC?

Likewise, Patricky He said, “After he becomes a UFC champion, let’s put promotion against promotion to see who is the best in the world. He was kicked out of Bellator for me. He didn’t stay there because I threw him out. “I will,” was what Chandler replied. I think I am bothering him, and that’s on purpose. Those tweets are not my thing, I don’t like to talk that shit, but Michael Chandler He takes it too personal and that will never end, “added” Pitbull. “

“He deserves it. He spent three years talking after hitting my brother, and now he will listen. After all, your belt is here at home. If White doesn’t, his champion is inferior to Bellator’s champion, and that’s up to him and his promotion. He can do this cross promotion and be able to say that my boy is the best in the world, otherwise, if he refuses to do it and remains silent, he will know that I have this merit forever “, he closed Patricky Freire.

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