Terrible!  Giga Chikadze's threat that sounded strong in the UFC: "I'll do it my way"

Giga Chikadze had a great knockout in the UFC Vegas 13, although it is already behind him and now he goes for everything. The Georgia-born fighter delivered a devastating kick to the face of Jamey Simmons, who immediately ended up sprawled on the mat with a flurry of fists to his head. In this way, the winner spoke with the press hours ago and assures that he will do things in his own way so that they take him into account.

Being so, Chikadze He began by saying, ‘I was waiting for my chance. I informed all the matchmakers, if anyone retired, I was there to take the fight. We offered Jeremy Stephens a fight right after my fight, and he said he was going to fight me in December, but he disappeared. First, it seemed like it was going to happen, and now I hear rumors that he’s moving to 155. There was another guy who canceled.

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“For my last fight, I was going to fight Arnold Allen, and then he didn’t take the fight, and that’s how they found Jamey Simmons. It’s very frustrating, yeah, because I have five wins, and I remember people after five wins got title chances, and I’m not even in the rankings. I’m the guy who always takes fights, and I don’t know why people don’t fight, ”said the Georgian.

Wants more attention

Parallel, Jig He highlighted: “If you’re a fighter and that’s what you love to do, you’re in the largest organization in the UFC. I enjoy doing this. I’m having so much fun. When I don’t fight is when I get depressed. When I have a fight planned, I am super happy. I am a completely different person. Life is good. Hopefully, they can figure it out and make things happen.

“I’m not the type to waste conversations for no reason. If I have a reason, I also have a mouth. If someone talks shit, I won’t be quiet. I will always give them the answer, what they deserve. This is my dream of being a UFC champion, and I don’t see anyone taking that dream away from me. If anyone wants to stop me, I’ll just take over. Whoever it is, I’m going to get into his head, and then into the octagon, I’m going to make things happen with my fists and kicks, “he said. Giga Chikadze to close.

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