10 epic Luis Ángel Firpo collectibles that you find on Ebay

10 coleccionables épicos de Luis Ángel Firpo que encuentras en Ebay

The Argentinian Luis Angel Firpo, was the first great figure in Latin American boxing and lived up to his nickname of el Wild Bull of the Pampas, and its collectibles are priced well on Ebay.

He was the protagonist of the call Fight of the Century before Jack dempsey on September 14, 1923 at the Polo Grounds in New York. That battle lasted three minutes and 57 seconds and is considered one of the three most vibrant in the entire history of world boxing, this because Firpo went to the canvas nine times and Dempseand two. But what all sports fans remember the most is that Argentine right hand that threw his rival out of the ring.

In the end, Firpo could not become the first Argentine boxing world champion, since the referee did not count from ten to Dempsey when he was out of the ring.

After that moment, Firpo he became a celebrity, he transformed boxing in his country into a basic and popular sport. And his fight against Dempsey It had an impact on popularizing boxing in much of the Latin American continent. And he was able to live very well thanks to the peels he made. Many people have honored him, such as writers Julio Cortazar Y Martin Kohan, to the painter George Wesley Bellows, among many others who have put the boxer in boxing Olympus.

Being a figure of such size, the collectibles of Luis Angel Firpo They are still highly sought after by fans today, so we show you some of them, which are worth a lot of money in Ebay.

1. 1924 Willard’s Chocolates Trading Card

Graduated by SGC company and with a PR rating, which means that the card is damaged. However it is a card from the years of the fight between Firpo Y Dempsey, so it is widely sought even in that condition.

This item has a cost in Ebay from $ 24.99.

2. El Gráfico Magazine of April 4, 1936

The flagship publication of Argentine sports journalism, the magazine The graphic, dedicated several covers to Luis Angel Firpo.

Like this one, where we are presented with the return of the boxer after he was retired for ten years, already 41 years old and preparing for the last three fights he gave in his career. The cost of this gem is $ 24.99.

3. Boxing Illustrator Magazine November 1960

This American publication also has Luis Angel Firpo. The magazine began to be published in 1958 and was one of the most prestigious of the time.

This special edition that was published a few months after the death of Firpo in August 1960. It recounted the exploits of the Wild Bull of the Pampas. The price to obtain it is $ 44.

4. Magazine El Gráfico from September 1, 1923

Another gem of The graphic with Firpo on the cover page. This magazine is of crucial importance because it is published precisely in the month in which Firpo faces Dempsey, as a preview.

It has all the tone of a special issue, and also all the tone of its time, with the cover in black and white.

The price is $ 49.

5. Old medal from the 1920s

Despite the defeat against Dempsey, Luis Angel Firpo He was the inspiration for all kinds of tributes as a national hero in Argentina. This medal is in homage to Chinato Garda, an aperitif wine in Argentina, owned by Victor M. Piaggio and company.

This medal has a cost of 115 dollars in Ebay.

6. Original score in Spanish of the fight between Luis Firpo against Jack Dempsey from 1923.

What a gem! This document is the tango score “Through Between The Strings”, written under inspiration from the fight between Firpo Y Dempsey. Note the cover art, which captures the moment when Firpo out to crowds Dempsey from the ring, bordering on an epic victory. Music of Cipriano Ramos and music by Raul Guillaume Roux.

This piece is priced at $ 225 (4,607 Mexican pesos).

7. Medal made in 1922 to honor Firpo’s triumph over Jim Tracey

This medal beauty has the peculiarity that it was made before Firpo become an international celebrity.

Made by the Sastrería Muro y Compañía of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the medal is a memory of the triumph of Luis Angel Firpo on Jim Tracey.

The fight was held in 1922, one year before the fight with Dempsey, and it was in the stadium of Club Sportivo Barracas where the Argentine with a formidable ‘cross’ from the right knocked out the Australian champion Jim Tracey in the fourth round.

This medal was engraved by Gottuzo and Liana and is priced at $ 350.

8. Ticket for Firpo vs. Dempsey fight at Polo Grounds

The fight that paralyzed all of Latin America around radio sets in 1923 continues to remain powerful in the memory of boxing fans.

And what better than this entry ticket to the Polo Grounds in New York to watch the fight. The ticket looks with a half fold, but it looks great for all the age it is. It is the testimony of the fight that inaugurated Latin American boxing on the highest international scene.

This piece is priced at $ 475.

9. Press photo of the moment Firpo takes Dempsey out of the ring

The moment that made a continent scream, when Firpo knocks out of the ring Dempsey was immortalized in this photo captured at the precise moment.

The image was made by the ACME company, and circulated in the newspapers of the time.

The photo, which is an original print, with the caption on the back, has a value of $ 550.

10. Hat and boxing gloves worn by Luis Ángel Firpo

The star lot of Luis Angel Firpo in Ebay are three objects used by himself Firpo. A cute straw hat from the 1920s worn by him, which is signed on the inside (without authentication). In addition, some training boxing gloves in good condition and beautiful an ecase to store the gloves.

These pieces have their origin, and come from the collection of William Martinez, descendant of Luis Angel Firpo. The cost of these jewelry is $ 7,300.

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