Should they stop it before? Calvin Kattar was disfigured by Max Holloway and the controversies grow

Should they stop it before?  Calvin Kattar was disfigured by Max Holloway and the controversies grow

Max holloway disfigured Calvin kattar in the first event of 2021, for which the UFC was heavily criticized. According to his coach, Tyson chartier, The extraordinary fighter is not to return until the end of the year, due to the injuries caused by the former champion. After the battle, which took place on January 16, social networks erupted in anger. This, thanks to not having finished the contest earlier.

Being so, Chartier dictated: “I’m sitting in the corner and every time things get really bad, Calvin his back is to us, and we see Max, and we see Herb. There were a couple of times when we thought, ‘Fuck, is he going to stop it?’ And he hoped Herb would stop him. And then all of a sudden, we saw that he wasn’t going to stop it, and we thought, ‘Should we throw in the towel?’ And then I’m thinking we’re going to throw in the towel, and then Calvin would tear it up. Then he would get off the fence and start landing shots. Dammit!”.

They push it away! After the beating he received from Max Holloway, Calvin Kattar takes a step to the side in the UFC

“The only way to describe it is that he was looking for a reason to stop him and every time he was about to do it, he would give us a reason not to. It is a difficult place to be because you have to make a judgment in real time based on the facts that are presented to you. And yes, there were a couple of times I thought Herb was going to stop him, but he’s looking Calvin in the eye. I am behind CalvinSo it’s like Herb has better eyesight than us and Calvin defends himself. He’s landing good shots, ”he said.

The motives

On the other hand, Tyson He also summarized the following: “There was a point in the fourth round where I looked at Jake Mainini, the Muay Thai coach, and I thought, ‘Dude, Max He’s getting tired. ‘ It was crazy because he was hitting us, but you could see in his eyes like, ‘Ughh’, and then he tried to fight, he tried to take us down, he was getting tired of hitting us and then Calvin landed a good shot again and the round was over. ” .

“I went to the bench after the fourth round thinking we were going to stop the fight. Then he sat down and said, ‘Are you okay?’ Calvin He said, ‘Yes, I’m fine. What happens?’ And it was so clear in the way he spoke. His eyes were clear, he was consistent, he was still in the fight. It was difficult. It would have been difficult to stop him right there when you could tell he was still mentally, he didn’t seem to be using the damage we were seeing. It was difficult, “he said.

To close, Tyson chartier He said, “It’s easy to sit when you’re home when you have the luxury of not being in the seat we’re in and saying, ‘Oh, I would have stopped it.’ It’s easy to say that. I don’t think there is anyone who has spent more time on a mat with Calvin than I have. I know his entire team cares about him, his family cares about him, but no one can argue that they care more about Calvin that I. At the end of the day, the only person I owe an explanation to is Calvin and his family. “

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