Argentina beat Uzbekistan again in the second friendly

Argentina beat Uzbekistan again in the second friendly

Argentina beat Uzbekistan 1-0 again at the State Stadium of the Uzbekistan Sports Complex, located in the Yunusabad District of the city of Tashkent, in the second friendly of the world champion team in Asian lands.

Both friendlies were scheduled to take advantage of the international window and recover the ground that the Covid pandemic made them lose to all the teams that in September 2020 should have played the World Cup of the discipline in Lithuania.

The team led by Matías Lucuix had a very good first ten minutes, where he pressed with intensity and in which he became owner of the game until averaging the stage after a pass from Lucho Avellino behind the back of the Uzbek defenders, Lucas Trípodi turned and broke him the arc to establish the 1 to 0 in favor of Argentina.

But after the goal, the locals hardened the marks, sometimes moreover, a rigor that Matías Rosa especially felt, who was touched on his left knee (according to reports they went to perform an MRI while the game was still being played, to make a diagnosis precise).

A couple of inaccuracies in Argentina’s departure allowed the Asians to bring danger to the goal defended this time by Matías Starna, the now Peñíscola goalkeeper.

The second half passed in the same lanes, the Argentine coach Matías Lucuix rotated all the players, had a couple of situations at the feet of Ángel Claudino, Lucas Bolo and Pulga Andrés Geraghty and in the last 10 minutes the local referees decided to complicate themselves with some partial failures that soiled what had been two flawless days up to that point.

Argentina lowered its lines, stopped pressing and began to run the clock showing some signs of fatigue. With 5 minutes to go, Argentina committed its fifth foul, which led it to retract its lines even further to avoid committing a new infraction that would give the locals the chance to take a double penalty.

The last 4 minutes the local decided to try with a player goalkeeper and with Damián Strazzone, champion of the defense 4 against 5, Seba Corso lost it with an empty goal and then also Stazzone himself, while the Uzbeks ran out of ideas to try to tie.

The National Team was thus able to take advantage of the first FIFA window of the year 2021, after having played its last game on February 9, 2020 in Carlos Barbosa, in the final of the South American Qualifying, in which it became champion, defeating 3-1 to Brazil. The next window, in March, Argentina has an invitation to play another pair of friendlies in Morocco.

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