Carlos Barbieri, current treasurer of UAR and South America Rugby, passed away

The former president of South America Rugby and current treasurer of said entity and of the Argentina Rugby Union, Carlos Barbieri, a veteran leader of Argentine rugby, died in Buenos Aires.

Remarkable exhooker on your dear Taragüy, when he retired he turned to the leadership and from the province of Currents arrived at UAR in 2010.

His professional capacity, he was an outstanding National Public Accountant, soon earned him a privileged place in the leadership of his country and in 2012 he replaced Ricardo Paganini in the Presidency of South America Rugby.

With a notable presence, constant good humor and wisdom, he toured the region and made friends as well as consolidating a rugby project for South America that would later continue under the presidency of his successor. Marcelo Rodriguez, as of July 2016.

After two years out of HE Although always interested in the work of the region, he returned to take the position of treasurer, which he also held in the UAR.

“Carlos was a friend of mine and of all the countries in the region,” he said. Sebastian Piñeyrúa, President of SAR, and added: “We have been a rugby player who worked tirelessly for rugby in Argentina and as a former President of SAR. We salute his wife, his family and all his friends. We will miss him.”

Source: South America Rugby

Since Scrum we accompany his family and all his loved ones in this difficult time.