Nicolás Sánchez was suspended for three weeks

In the duel two weeks ago between Stade Francais Y Toulon, the Argentine opening Nicolas Sanchez he was expelled after an excessive blow. Now, the disciplinary commission of the Top 14 decided that he will have to miss two games in addition to the one he did not play last weekend.

The Argentine starter was sent off against Toulon and will miss two more duels against Montpellier and Bordeaux, in addition to the weekend’s match against Castres who was not present.

The statement from the French league stated:

“Mr. Nicolás Sánchez was recognized as responsible for” Dangerous play “and, in particular, for” tackling an opponent early, late or in a dangerous manner (dangerous tackle includes, among other things, tackling or attempting to tackle an opponent above the shoulder line, even if the tackle started below the shoulder line) ”.

It is the average grade on the severity scale that was maintained, a six-week suspension. Taking into account the mitigating circumstances (admission of guilt, expression of remorse), the sanction was reduced by three weeks.

The Argentine opening will not be present in the duel against Bordeaux in which the cast led by Gonzalo Quesada and which has Pablo Matera and Marcos Kremer in its ranks will face Bordeaux, which has Guido Petti and Bautista Delguy in activity (Santiago Cordero is injured).