Viral video: the oracle dolphin gave his prediction for the Super Bowl

Viral video: the oracle dolphin gave his prediction for the Super Bowl

The world of sport is full of superstitions, and it has become common for animals of all kinds to make predictions of results, some of which are very accurate. This is the case of Nicholas, dolphin of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium who has become famous in the United States for being a great forecaster of sporting events. You have now given your prediction for the Super bowl of this February 7.

Nicholas’ predictions

Nicholas is an 18-year-old dolphin, who is in captivity at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. He was rescued in 2002 a few days after his birth with his mother after an accident. The aquarium authorities explain that, after the death of the mother a few days after the rescue, it was decided to leave the calf in the facilities, since they require their mothers to learn to survive in freedom.

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After several years, Nicholas has become a sensation at the Tampa Bay Aquarium, as he has been a great forecaster of sporting events. In its history is the National Championship Game of the College Football Playoff, the Outbak Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl and the last great final of the NBA. This one was also right with the choice of Chiefs in the last edition Super bowl.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

Once again, the dolphin has made his prediction before a great sporting event. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has published a video on its social networks of the animal making the prediction of the Super Bowl LV, which will be played this Sunday, February 7, coincidentally in Tampa. The prediction was made using football balls with the conference champions’ logos.

Nicholas’s choice was clear. Once again, the Tampa oracle dolphin has chosen Kansas City Chiefs as the champion of the NFL, as he predicted correctly in the last edition of the ‘Big Game’. Now it will be left to the team of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes to respond on the court against some Buccaneers hungry to be the big surprise of the campaign with Tom Brady.

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