Born Again: The Exciting Detail of Romain Grosjean’s New Helmet at IndyCar

Romain Grosjean

In the last hours, Romain grosjean confirmed that he will be present in the 2021 season of the IndyCar U.S. The Frenchman will return to the official competition after the serious accident he suffered at the Bahrain Grand Prix in Formula 1, in December. After some serious burns and a sprained ankle, the former pilot of Haas feels ready to get back up to speed. In addition, he showed how his new helmet.

The pilot revealed new details of his return to the tracks and commented on the reason why he will not compete in ovals, such as the 500 Miles from Indianapolis. In recent days, Grosjean showed on his social networks how the recovery from the burns suffered by his hands and some parts of his body is progressing.

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The former Formula 1 driver showed fans the design he will wear for the helmet he will wear in the 2021 IndyCar season. However, an exciting detail located at the rear caught our attention. Grosjean imposed a Phoenix to remember the most difficult moment of his career: the accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix. In addition, at the top there will be some drawings that your children made.


One of the conditions imposed by the French driver was that he should not be present on the oval-shaped circuits. However, the reason for his decision was not understood and generated much speculation, which he himself was in charge of clearing up. Grosjean will not be on these tracks as he understands that he is at significant risk and does not want to have an accident again.

«There are two circuits that I am not going to do. One is the Indianapolis 500. As much as I’d like to win the Indy 500, they present a risk that is significant, and some of the accidents we’ve seen are wild. If I was 25 and childless I would. But I am a father and for two minutes and 45 seconds in Bahrain, my sons thought they had lost their father, “he told the ‘’ media.

Romain grosjean
Romain grosjean

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