Piercing!  The shocking withdrawal of an MMA figure: "It bothers me that my son sees me like this"

An experienced fighter from MMA announced his retirement, after being in the top 10 of UFC. James Vick made a quite striking publication on his personal Instagram account, where he expressed what was happening in the present with his career and what he has been analyzing all this time. Without a doubt, a true ordeal for him, after falling by TKO to Andre Fialho at XMMA 1 in Florida on January 30.

Being so, Vick He started by saying, “I don’t know where to start this. A few days ago I suffered the worst loss of my career. I am so sorry for everyone who helped and believes in me so much this past year. But I’ve always been disciplined and trained hard no matter what. One of my main reasons for continuing to fight was to show my son that you can’t give up when the going gets tough in life. But this is not the way to teach him that.

What happened? A UFC figure expressed his desire to terminate the contract: “I’m ready to go.”

“One of the last hits he hit, I knew something was seriously wrong. I’m glad the referee stepped in because God knows he would have been too harsh and dumb to do that. My orbital is broken on my right side, the fracture extended to the other side causing a bilateral fracture and my jaw is completely displaced, so tomorrow they will finally be operating to fix it, “he also remarked.

A very sad departure

For its part, James he dictated: “The Doctor said that I could definitely fight again after this if I wanted to, but this was my last fight. I can’t keep putting my family through this. I have risen to the top of where I was going to come in combat sports by becoming one of the top 10 fighters in the UFC. Honestly, that was probably a great achievement considering I didn’t even start training until I was 20. “

“Thanks to everyone who has been there to support, teach or encourage me along the way. It bothers me that my 3 year old has to watch his dad with his jaw closed for 4-6 weeks for all this. He is so small and does not understand. It’s time to move on and focus more on my family and raising my son to be a great man. Thank you all and I thank this sport for the memories “, he concluded James Vick.

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