The day that Juan Manuel Márquez and Nacho Beristain went against Canelo and Sulaimán

The day that Juan Manuel Márquez and Nacho Beristain went against Canelo and Sulaimán

When Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez received his first starting opportunity to contest the super welterweight world championship against Matthew hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez Y Nacho Beristain were among the most critical against Jose Sulaiman and the World Boxing Council.

This is a fragment of the program Televisa Sports Court 2011, when this debate occurred between Marquez Y Beristain, against him ‘Canelo ‘Alvarez and José Sulaimán. On the one hand, the trainer who is a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame and who has forged many world champions such as Ricardo ‘Finito’ López, Óscar de la Hoya, Humberto ‘Chiquita’ González, Daniel Zaragoza, among many others, alleged that the CMB did not respect the regulations.

“They are putting it on little by little, if they had put Alfredo Angulo on it would have been a great fight and they would have given this little boy (Canelo) the opportunity to show his quality,” said the coach.

Márquez against ‘Canelo’, first round

Similarly, Márquez, speaking as a boxer, reproached Sulaiman for not giving one of the top ten fighters a chance at that time.

The president of the organization at that time, replied to Juan Manuel that he was jealous of Álvarez, since the big boxers never want to give the spotlight to those who are just starting out.

“In boxing there is a lot of jealousy, but ‘Canelo’ Álvarez is a great fighter, point him out, and he will show it on future occasions,” he said.

At the end of the program, ‘Canelo’ Álvarez said that Juan Manuel Márquez, Ana María Torres and Nacho Beristain were very negative people.

“It surprises me that people like her (Ana María Torres) who are in the box and like Nacho and Juanma Márquez who do not know that every boxer has a process, I am in mine and I will show that I am made and not me It matters what they say because they are negative, they are negative people ”, he added.

Second round Marquez vs Álvarez

Days later the radio show The Tweety Show, met live to Juan Manuel Marquez and to ‘Canelo ‘, where the debate continued. It was a good exchange, no one kept quiet about anything, but no one was disrespectful either.

“If he does not believe in my abilities, I would like him to remove his doubts, to go up in the category and to fight with me,” Álvarez said in that transmission.

Immediately, Marquez backhanded him by telling him that he would only gain weight to face someone good or big name like Manny Pacquiao.

“If he goes down to light weight or super light we give him, but I go to super welterweight not because it is a great advantage,” the Mexico City-born recriminated.

At the end of the day, this dream battle between Márquez and Canelo never happened to the sadness of all Mexicans, who at that time were already rubbing their hands to see that fight that would have been epic signed.

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