Max Verstappen

Max verstappen had some happy little insults towards Lance Stroll Some months ago. The Dutch rider met the Canadian in the first free practice session of the Portuguese Grand Prix and he had no mercy. Is this guy a bloody blind man? What the hell is wrong with him? Jesus Christ. He’s a retard, a Mongol. I have damage to the car, “he exclaimed over the radio to the team.

After several apologies, a letter from an anti-discrimination institution to Max Verstappen, the controversy continues. In the last hours, the University of Oxford made a decision about what happened almost four months ago on the Algarve circuit: it removed the words from the British dictionary ‘Mongolo’, ‘Mongoloid’ and ‘Mongolism’.

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The director of Oxford Dictionary explained that they decided to remove the three words from the public text. “Having reviewed the evidence for the words ‘Mongolo’, ‘Mongoloid’ and ‘Mongolism’, we have decided to remove these terms. The terms are not used much anymore and therefore not useful for English learners. ‘


Max Verstappen was very upset at the time of the accident. It’s understandable. The Dutchman crashed at more than 200 kilometers per hour, at the end of the main straight. However, his ‘insult’ was very reprehensible and did not happen without more. In addition to the institutions, the Mongolian Government itself repudiated the statements and asked the pilot to Red bull to make a public apology.

Verstappen listened. Or something like that. After the words, he assured that the insults happened in “the heat of the moment” and he shielded himself from the adrenaline of the driver above the car and asked to stop “enlarging the subject.” I never wanted to hurt anyone in particular. So I think you don’t need to make it bigger than it already is, ”Max said after the event.

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