Bob Arum advierte que de marzo a mayo no veremos grandes peleas, y explica por qué

Bob Arum, promoter of Top rank, explained the reasons why there will not be good fights during the first part of 2021 and assured that the promoters have hit hard in the pocket the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nobody is stupid. Neither Oscar de la hoya), neither (Al) Haymon, neither Eddie (Hearn) it’s stupid ”, he considered Arum in interview with The Ring. “Everyone is moving slow because we have to get robust numbers of viewers. And the better the fight, the more spectators will contribute to pay for it. “

Bob arum anticipates a weak spring for boxing when it comes to good fights. And that crisis will be seen from March.

“You will see fewer fights in March, April, May,” he explained. Arum. “And then you will see more in June, July, August. In ESPN They are experts in this, they have had great properties, college football, basketball, they fit it very well and they have worked very well with us. It is not like we are in a vacuum and people do not realize that we are living in the times of Covid ”.

It is precisely the times of Covid 19 that have diminished the sources of income for the boxing industry.

“Spectators, PPV, sale of closed circuits, none of that is available,” he said. Arum. “And the Pay Per Event, we know from our data that many people used to consume it at parties, at home, but during the pandemic, that is not possible. The fighters see it from a different paradigm, as if it were at its maximum capacity or almost and that is not the case ”.

Weeks ago, Shawn porter showed his discontent towards Bob arum for offering him a million dollars to fight Terence crawford. Arum He argued that these days it is different and there is not much money.

He also assured that Errol Spence Jr. I was afraid to face Crawford, but later the first defended himself by attacking Arum.

“If it’s going to be a good pay-per-view fight, we can do it,” he mentioned. Bob, “They (the fighters) may say it’s ‘worth twice the money’, but that’s based on past practice, including the box office. That will not be there until the pandemic is over, until people are vaccinated and until normality is restored, that will not be there. It affects all promoters ”.

Therefore, Bob arum believes that all promoters will bet on waiting for more people to be vaccinated, and massive events can have more freedom.

“It is not related with HaymonIt is the pandemic ”, he added. “If you’re a fighter, you’re reading this and they’re saying, ‘I’m not going to fight for this money,’ what’s the alternative? Wait a bit until the pandemic is over. In the minds of fighters they think they shouldn’t take a certain amount of money because they think they can win 25 percent more, or whatever. My point is that what they ask for may or may not be reasonable, but perhaps in six months it may be more reasonable. That is your decision. “