“Wilder’s career is over,” says his former coach Mark Breland; talks about the conspiracy that Wilder denounced

La carrera de Deontay Wilder se terminó, señala su ex entrenador Mark Breland; habla de la conspiración que denunció Wilder en pelea con Fury

Mark Breland, former assistant coach of Deontay Wilder, spoke for the first time about the statements of Wilder about his team conspiring to lose against Tyson Fury.

“His career (of Wilder) is over, so I’m done, he’s done. I finished with him ”, he assured Breland in interview with The Fight Is Right. “I wish him well and that’s all.”

Deontay Wilder claimed after he was knocked out by Fury on February 22, 2020, which Tyson He had put his fists on the gloves in the wrong position and he added a blunt object to do more damage. In addition, he accused that they gave him water with muscle relaxants prior to the fight, supposedly for Mark Breland, whom he accused of disloyalty.

In addition, it was the Mark Breland who raised the towel to stop the fight Wilder in his revenge against Fury for the punishment he was receiving. That caused the annoyance of Wilder who ended up firing Breland, who served as an assistant coach.

“Many people know me, my personality speaks for myself,” he said. Breland. “Adulterate the water? If you see in the videos or whatever, you never see water in my hand. Someone else is the one who is giving you water. And despite that, I am there to help you. My attitude is, ‘when you win, I win.’

The interview of Mike breland with The Fight is Right It’s the first time that Breland speaks in detail and disagreement about the accusations of Deontay Wilder.

Did Tyson Fury carry his gloves?

Mark Breland opined on the accusations of Deontay Wilder of what Tyson fury he misplaced his gloves and put a small weight inside to hurt him.

“I doubt it very much, I do not know, I have never seen something like this,” he replied about the statements of Wilder over gloves Fury. “But still, he wasn’t going to defeat Tyson Fury. Jay deas (coach of Wilder) he was standing there watching his hands bandaged ( Fury). If they put something,Jay is he blind or …? Jay he was there when they bandaged his hands and said nothing. “

Breland also criticized Jay deas the head coach of Wilder.

“But to be honest, that’s what you know about boxing,” he replied. Mark. “Hell, they probably could have put a cast on ( Fury) and the (Deas) would not have noticed ”.

Mark Brlenad’s critical critiques of Wilder’s work

Coach Mark Breland also criticized the training that Deontay Wilder carried out in their camps.

“He never hit the sack,” he revealed. “He never hit the pear. He didn’t jump the rope, he didn’t hit the pear and he didn’t hit the sack ”.

Breland notes that Wilder it only has stuck and nothing else.

“(Wilder) it only has its power, ”he said Breland. “We’ll see how far that takes him, that’s all I’m going to say.”

The poor quality of Wilder’s rivals

Mark Breland He also spoke about the level of the rivals that Deontay Wilder faced in his reign.

“If I had a boxer against the guys he boxed, I would have beaten them,” he said. Breland. “That’s the truth. You tell me he had some good wins. He had a good triumph, Luis Ortíz. That was the only one.

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