Conor McGregor and the aftermath on his right leg after his return to the UFC: videos with a cane

After falling with Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor showed the injuries to his leg and the videos with a cane are viral. His fateful return to the UFC left the Irishman with serious consequences after his first career TKO. The authorities decided to give him 180 days of rest, unless a doctor authorizes him an early return if he improves. The UFC 257 He made a lot of sense, then received hundreds of criticisms.

Mcgregor He could not on his return to the octagon and fell to the American Poirier, in the second round of the stellar contest of the UFC 257. This was by technical knockout and it went down in history, since the former champion was never finished in that way. After the fight, the Irishman was seen in serious problems, since he could hardly walk. Furthermore, he was seen using a walking stick to mobilize. There is no doubt that your problem in the right leg it worried the fans.

Viral! The video of Conor McGregor after falling with Poirier that is all the rage: «Now they doubt me»

Also, receiving much criticism for his defeat, Conor He left a few words about how he experienced the most important event of the year so far. “High is high and low is low in this game, my leg is completely dead. Even if I felt like he was parrying his kicks, it was mostly in the front of the leg. It was very badly committed, it looks like an American football every minute, “he said. Mcgregor.

On the other hand, he added other important phrases for the knockout received: “I will lick my wounds. I am devastated, I put in so much work. Well done Dustin, we are one on one ”. The Irishman also indicated that he will return to action to regain his Lightweight belt. It is rumored that there will be a trilogy against Poirier, also a possible fight with Nate Diaz and a probable return to boxing with Manny Paquiao.

What Poirier said

“It really turned out the way we wanted it. We thought we should kick and fight early and then box in later rounds once the pop of the punches from Conor has disappeared. The plan was to fight and kick early, use his length, use his kicks early and we thought round three is when we plan to start boxing, but we didn’t get to that point. I was landing shots before that, ”said the possible new lightweight champion.

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