“He envies me; he had a short career ”: Deontay Wilder responded to criticism from his former coach Mark Breland

Me tiene envidia; él tuvo una carrera corta: Deontay Wilder respondió a críticas de su ex entrenador Mark Breland

Deontay Wilder responded to criticism from his former coach Mark Breland, who commented that his career was over after his defeat against Tyson fury.

“The only explanation I can find is that he is jealous of me and my career,” he said. Wilder to 78 Sports TV. “I can’t find any other reason, because we don’t have any kind of relationship outside of boxing. Maybe that’s it, maybe he wanted to be closer to me. But you have to know that I am not that type of person, I am quiet and introverted. We talk whenever you want, you know where to find me ”.

In months past Deontay Wilder accused Mark Breland, his former assistant coach, of participating in a conspiracy to lose him in a rematch against Tyson fury. Wilder accuses Breland to adulterate the water with sleeping pills. Further, Wilder fired Breland for having raised the towel to stop the fight against Fury.

Breland He defended himself against the accusations, saying that he was innocent of those allegations. Breland He also added that the career of Wilder It is finished, and it does not do the best training.

“I don’t know what happened or where did all this shit come from,” he continued Wilder. “Suddenly he wanted to bury another career, when many have ridiculed and doubted him. He should go out and accept his guilt, instead of pointing at others. “

Wilder believes that the statements and actions of Mark Breland they are simply envy.

“It is very deep in his head to feel these kinds of things, but where did all this come from?” Wilder. “Is it where I am in my life and why was your career short? It can be a matter of envy. I can’t understand where it comes from, now all the actions make sense. This guy has been envying me, he’s been jealous of me! It was that way, but we hadn’t seen it ”.

Response from Wilder it took less than 24 hours to arrive, after the coach responded to the questions he made Deontay, after losing to Fury in February 2020.

Conspiracy theories

After Tyson fury will knock out in seven rounds Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020, Wilder assured that Fury put his fists on the gloves in the wrong position to do more damage and accused Mark Breland of having spilled water with muscle relaxants prior to combat.

In addition, it was the Breland who raised the towel to stop the fight Wilder for the punishment he was receiving. This caused the annoyance of Deontay, who fired Breland, who served as an assistant coach.

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