Liverpool vs. Manchester City – Match Report – February 7, 2021

Liverpool vs.  Manchester City - Match Report - February 7, 2021

London (EFE) – Anfield experienced the change of the Premier League crown on Thursday when Manchester City ripped it from a surrendered Liverpool (1-4).

Not a penalty missed by Ilkay Gündogan or a mistake by Ruben Dias. Nothing prevented City from taking advantage of two major mistakes by Alisson to finish off an exhibition that leaves the Premier very close to returning to the Etihad Stadium.

Because Liverpool was very touched, having seen how their Anfield fortress became the garden of Burnley and Brighton with two unexpected defeats that made this duel key for their interests to re-engage with the Premier.

“We are no longer candidates,” said defender Andy Robertson in the previous one, taking pressure off his team, while Guardiola and Klopp engaged in a cross-talk about who was more rested and who was better on the calendar.

Be that as it may, the fight of egos was not worth in the field. Liverpool came out with the intention of showing the soul of a champion and haunted Ederson’s goal with the ever-present fear of his defense, in which Fabinho and Henderson were the guardians of a team that continues to miss its centrals.

At least upstairs they recovered their bellows and Sadio Mané, with a header up, and Roberto Firmino, with a centered volley, sweetened an insipid first half and with more value as a tactical puzzle than as a spectacle for the fans.

It had to be broken by Raheem Sterling, who has been playing at a good level. He dribbled Alexander-Arnold cutting from a wing, passed Fabinho and the Brazilian left his supporting leg to knock him down. Penalty.

Without Kevin De Bruyne on the field, Gündogan, a man who has scored from that distance in a ‘Champions’ final, took responsibility. And he sent the ball to the clouds.

Extra life for Liverpool, who followed the same script after going through the rest break. But Sterling was sweet. Another boarding school, another dribble. Ball for Foden, low shot, hand of Ederson and Gündogan, with the rage of the missed penalty, appeared from behind, anticipated everyone and pushed the ball.

Cold sweats in Klopp, who saw the Premier ten points away. He needed a signal to return to the game and football gave it to him when Ruben Dias gave away the tie.

The Portuguese was able to clear a long shipment, but he missed. He handed the ball to Salah, who ran off alone before Ederson and Dias had to catch him and throw him to the ground.

Another penalty and this time, the infallible Salah did not miss.

Turning moment? Quite the opposite. City did not get nervous like another year against the ‘Reds’, they submitted them again. He warned them with a goal annulled millimeter to John Stones and hit them with a circus play in which Alisson gave the ball twice. The first one was saved, they gave him another chance and he missed another pass. She picked up the Foden gift, got into the area and gave Gündogan the goal pass for him to push her again.

And the nightmare of Alisson did not end, who, more nervous than a flan, missed another pass from behind and Bernardo, in hand-to-hand, punched the ball so that Sterling scored the goal on the goal line and City a victory vital for the Premier.

Ten points already separate City and Liverpool, with one game less for Guardiola’s, who also have a five advantage over Manchester United.

If no catastrophe occurs, the Premier will dress in light blue for another year.

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