Returns? Paige VanZant does not close her doors to MMA: “It’s hard to put it aside”

Returns?  Paige VanZant does not close her doors to MMA: "It's hard to put it aside"

Paige VanZant, former UFC and influencer, did not have his dream debut in BKFC and assured not to close the doors to the MMA. After a not very good stint at Dana White’s company, he was free to act and is now in boxing without gloves, a sport with a lot of blood and disfigured faces. Therefore, before being defeated by Britain Hart, the blonde dedicated some forceful words about what could happen.

Being so, VanZant He acknowledged: “If you had asked me two years ago if the door was ever opened to bare-knuckle boxing, I would have said no. Now, at this point in my life, at only 26 years old, I have to say yes, the door is still open. Of course, I am training in one of the best gyms in MMA of the world. I have amazing teammates and training partners.

Push, blood, defeat and millionaire salary: this was the debut of Paige VanZant in BKFC

“Of course the door is open. It’s hard for me to put that aside because I’m still very passionate about it. But at this point in my life, I’m 100 percent focused on boxing, and who knows. Maybe back at MMA, but maybe I’ll stay in boxing. I’m having a lot of fun doing this, but I have a lot of time to fight with only 26 years old, “he also added to his words.

Don’t look back

At the same time, Paige He maintained: “I want to see put it in a wait and see mode, but I also know in my heart, yes, I am 100 percent obsessed and focused on bare-knuckle boxing. I don’t feel fulfilled. I still don’t feel sick of MMA. So, at only 26 years old, I know I have a very long future in combat sports and I don’t necessarily see myself finished with MMA«.

“My story is not over yet. I would love to go and have an amazing and extremely successful career in bare knuckle boxing, and yes, I will probably see myself in MMA here in the future. I’m going to give it a few years. I may make so much money and be so successful at bare-knuckle boxing that it will never happen, but right now I have that door open. I think it makes sense for me to move on to the next chapter of my life, “he concluded. Paige VanZant.

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