What is the Super Bowl and why is it so important?

What is the Super Bowl and why is it so important?

The Super bowl It is the final event of the NFL Playoffs, where the champions of both conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) meet. In this case, from 20:30 in Argentina we will see the duel between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, in a highly anticipated event that attracts millions of people around the world and one of the most millions of dollars in production.

Comparable to multi-day events, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched single-day television events in the world. According to data from the ‘Statista’ medium, the last edition of this event was seen by 99.9 million people in the United States and seen by around 30 and 50 million people in the rest of the world, reaching a total of 150 million people. This event is comparable to the rating of a soccer World Cup or an Olympic Game.

How much does the second ad in the Super Bowl cost?

Audience, importance, curiosities

FIFA indicated that the last final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia (France-Croatia) was watched by 517 million fans. While the final of Brazil 2014 was watched by 562 million people and the one in South Africa 2010, 531 million. Although American football is not so popular in Argentina, the event has a large audience in Latin America.

In this case it will be the 55th edition of the Super Bowl, where the Buccaneers and the Chiefs face off, with the attraction of the confrontation between the dominant players, veteran Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, the quarterbacks of each team. This is a very attractive generational duel, between a player at the end of his career but with impressive determination like Brady (43) who is going for his seventh ring and a 25-year-old like Mahomes, who is looking for his second ring.

As a curiosity, tonight the game will be at Raymond James Stadium, where the Buccaneers play at home, being the first time that a team is home in a Super Bowl (it is chosen before the competition begins). In this case, it will be a different event due to the coronavirus pandemic. The stadium that has a capacity for almost 66 thousand people today will have about 22 thousand, among them 7,500 will be nurses, doctors and health personnel, in gratitude for their hard work.

A lot of money

In terms of marketing and the amount of money that the Super Bowl moves, it is incalculable. But for reference, the cost of a 30 second ad is $ 5.5 million. Also, in the halftime show There will be artists of the stature of The Weeknd and Miley Cyrus, the first in the traditional break and the second in the preview of the meeting, broadcast by TikTok. At other times artists of the level of Michael Jackson, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica and more performed.

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