Zab Judah, friend of Mike Tyson, assures that fight with Holyfield is “signed and sealed”

Zab Judah, amigo de Mike Tyson, asegura que pelea con Holyfield está "firmada y sellada”

Zab Judah, former world champion and friend of Mike tyson, ensured that the exhibition match between Mike Tyson Y Evander Holyfield is now closed and will take place in Dubai.

“The (exhibition) fight is done, Mike tyson Y Evander Holyfield, third part, great ”, affirmed Judah in interview with Subway. “Everything about that fight interests me, you only have to see (part) one and the second and there is no doubt that you would not want to see the third (part), without a doubt.”

Mike has been preparing to return to the ring, after his exhibition fight against Roy Jones on November 28, 2020 and has shown in videos his training and the power he has with his hands.

“The fight is signed, sealed and delivered and Mike is training every day, “he said Zab Judah. “Evander he is training daily and both are going to come in to do their work, they are not playing, there will be no games. Mike tyson vs. Evander Holyfield third part, it’s going to happen, it’s real. It will be a fantastic fight for the third time. “

The Sun stated that the exhibition match of Tyson Y Holyfield will take place in Dubai, which Judah confirmed.

“Will be on Dubai, that’s what I’ve heard ”, revealed Judah. “That’s what the advertising said.”

Tyson and Holyfield They are looking for the stock market to be around 300 million dollars in the third cross between the two US boxers.

The boxing news of Tyson and Holyfield

Mike tyson made an exhibition before Roy jones jr, in November 2020. At 54, he was seen in good physical shape and far from his previous image. He has not fought professionally since June 11, 2005, when he lost to Kevin McBride. Iron mike composes his official career of 50 wins, 44 before the final stroke, and six setbacks.

While, Evander Holyfield Has no rented activity since he beat Brian Nielsen by technical knockout, on May 7, 2011. He is 58 years old, and carries with him a record composed of 44 wins, 29 by fast track, 10 losses and 2 draws.

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