“Andy Ruiz has lost 25 pounds,” says coach who has worked with him

Andy Ruíz

Andy Ruiz He has been training, preparing, and has lost 25 pounds for his next match, according to his former trainer. Jorge Capetillo.

“Mentally, yes. It has lowered ”, he confessed Capetillo in interview with Sky Sports about the change of Andy after revenge against Anthony Joshua. “He went crazy when he became the first Mexican world champion. You met the president! Andy it’s like a child, he got distracted. Now I can see that he is calmer with his family.

Jorge Capetillo was on the corner of Andy Ruiz earlier in his career, and the fighter usually works out at the gym in Capetillo in Vegas, when you can’t make it to the gym Eddy reynoso in San Diego. They maintain constant communication.

“He’s back in order, especially with his focus,” he admitted. Capetillo. “He’s hungry again, he’s had a taste of what it’s like to be a world champion. I can see you want more. But you have to sacrifice (things), so be with Canelo, who has a daily concentration, is a great influence for Andy Ruiz, and his weight has dropped 25 pounds, he looks very slim. “

Ruiz he last fought on December 7, 2019 in his second match against AJ. The Brit dominated it for 12 rounds and regained the heavyweight belts of the AMB, FIB, OMB and OIB.

Later, Andy He confessed that during the preparation of the fight he spent it partying and did not dedicate himself to training.

Now he has been practicing under the command of Eddy reynoso, who is the head coach of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and also has under his command Oscar Valdez Y Ryan Garcia. However, due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, the Andy with Reynoso has been limited.

“I want to Andy it is proven that it was not a stroke of luck, “he said. George. “Because it was not luck, because Joshua fell but got up. Joshua did not run. I would like to see Andy as champion again ”.

Jorge Capetillo also worked at some time in the heavyweight champion corner of the CMB, Tyson fury, who is expected to face June this year Anthony Joshua in a unifying fight.

Andy Ruiz has been the only one who has beaten AJ, Y Capetillo hope that at some point Ruiz can give some advice to Fury.

“It would be fantastic for me, professionally and personally if they could share the gym, share a talk, share what their families are like,” he said. Capetillo. “It would be a positive motivation for Andy”.

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