Bomb! Joe Rogan and a controversial proposal for Conor McGregor and UFC

Bomb!  Joe Rogan and a controversial proposal for Conor McGregor and UFC

The commentator of UFC, Joe Rogan, is a trend in networks for his sayings about Conor McGregor in these hours. The aforementioned left a controversial proposal to the leaders of the leading MMA company, recommending what they should do with the Irishman these days, if they want to raise a good amount of money with him again. The last loss to Poirier did not make him look good, literally speaking.

When they asked him who Poirier should fight, Rogan he dictated: «The choice of the purists is Charles Oliveira. If you are a purist, you want that fight. And I think I want that fight. Of course, many are looking for that contest, since both arrive in a very good way. Anyway, many others ask for another rival for the «Diamond».

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If you want to win a lot of money before Conor fights someone else, you have revenge. Here’s one thing: yes Conor He fights Michael Chandler next, which is a possibility, if Dustin fights Oliveira and then Conor fights Michael Chandler, what are the chances that Conor will beat Michael Chandler? “, the communicator also added.

It was forceful

Likewise, Joe He stated: “I think Michael Chandler is the favorite in that fight, which is very dangerous for your money. If you want to make a lot of money, what you do is allow Conor to have some free time and you find a way to market this in a way where you explain a way where Conor can find a way to beat Dustin. Good luck”.

“He beat him in the first fight, he shook him in the second fight, in fact, Dustin admitted there was a point in the first round where he was hurt. And he was like, ‘If Conor had followed up, he might have been in trouble,’ “he concluded. Joe Rogan, who is obviously looking for a better ending for the legendary Conor McGregor. The Irishman is not having a good time UFC.

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