Djokovic-Kyrgios: the explosive declarations of the fight

Djokovic-Kyrgios: the explosive declarations of the fight

“I have no respect for him off the pitch,” Novak Djokovic said when asked about Kyrgios. Previously, the journalist started the question saying that Kyrgios was one of the most beloved tennis players in Australia: “Really?”, Said the world No. 1 with a laugh.

Before consulting ESPN Tennis To Kyrgios about whether he wanted to say anything about the Serbian’s statement, the Australian replied: “It’s weird for me because he says he doesn’t respect me off the pitch. It would make perfect sense to me if he said he didn’t respect me on the pitch, because I understand if you don’t agree with some things that I did on the court in the past. But when we played, I think I was pretty good with him. But I’m not sure how you can think that about me off the court when I did things. extremely well. Especially during the pandemic, I was delivering food for people who do not have. I was very careful what I did, I did not want to spread the virus to anyone. Now I am donating for people who need food, I have my foundation. It is very strange for Me, why would I say it? I do a lot off the pitch. “

In addition, the Camberrano shot: “It is a very rare cat Novak. He is a huge tennis player but unfortunately someone who is partying without a shirt in a bowling alley during the pandemic … I don’t know if I can take something from that man“.

After finishing his match against Jeremy Chardy, hours after these statements by Kyrgios, the journalists asked the Serbian if he had heard his sayings. A resounding “No” was his answer, followed by a “I will not answer anything” when reading what the Australian said. Will this be the last chapter of the crossfire between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios?

Kyrgios’ previous attacks on Djokovic

The organization of the Adria Tour earned the Serbian the first darts. That party after the first stage, the multiple infections, the suspension of the rest of the tournament: “Djokovic, Zverev and Thiem think it’s a joke, they partying in a global pandemic. Loved people and family dying.”.

Boris Becker, Djokovic’s former coach, got into the dispute, had some crosses with Kyrgios and then the Australian included the German in his crusade. In an Instagram Stories, Kyrgios wrote: “T-shirts on, chinstraps on. Any questions guys? #Djokovic, #Zverev #Thiem #doughnutBecker.”

With the tennis return as a fact and the Cincinnati Masters 1000 in full dispute, Kyrgios attacked, again, Novak Djokovic. At the time when the world number 1 was with a 20-0 balance in the year and referred to said undefeated, the aussie it was with the end caps. “He will try to finish the year undefeated, he can’t stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, when he had to act as a leader and show his humility, there he disappeared”Nick wrote on his Twitter.

Djokovic’s disqualification from the US Open after the pitch was the focus around the world. Kyrgios asked a rhetorical question on his networks:

After the US Open, Kyrgios was asked about Djokovic on the Today TV show. The Australian pointed to the strap jokingly: “We tennis players don’t like him, but he’s a guy who draws the masses.” “Change me for the joker in the incident. years would they ban me?

The controversy surrounding the strict rules of the Australian Open and the players who were isolated by sharing a plane with infected, led Djokovic to ask that some protocols be changed. Kyrgios was again: “Djokovic is useless.”

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