El Maromero Páez and Rey Mysterio, the duo that brought the boxer to WWE

El Maromero Páez y Rey Mysterio, la dupla que llevó al boxeador a la WWE

Jorge ‘Maromero’ Páez, He is one of the first Mexican fighters who understood that boxing, in addition to being a sport, is a show, and where eccentricities can also find a place, such as the day he participated in the Wwe.

For the same reason, he never spared anything in terms of dancing above the ring, quirky haircuts, exuberant clothing. And all this, coupled with a charisma that connected with the mischief of the Mexican.

He wasn’t a fighter with the most exquisite technique, but he had his thing. He had plenty of heart and strength. He was featherweight world champion FIB and of the OMB, and came to string together eight defenses of their titles.

All of this made the Maromero was a great salable product, either in commercials, promoting candidates from the PRI as Ernesto Zedillo. Or even being a guest of honor in the number one Wrestling company in the world, the Wwe.

Jorge Páez arrives at WWE

After 19 years as a professional and with a record of 79 wins, 14 losses and 5 draws, with 52 knockouts, and having retired in 2003 after beating him by unanimous decision over the American Scott McCracken, the fame of the boxer was still very much, for this reason in 2004 he had the first approach to Wwe.

This was participating in the music video of the Mexican wrestler Mistery King, who at that time was already an idol of world wrestling. The former boxer accepted the invitation and appeared in some fragments in the video of Crossing Borders, song that appeared on the album of WWE Originals and it was the main theme of the event No way out from 2004.

Start partnership with Rey Mysterio

In February 2004, Paez He was in Smackdown to accompany as second a Mistery King in his combat against Tajiri. The masked man won the fight, but in the end they came out Chavo Guerrero Jr. and his father to beat up the masked man, until he Maromero He intervened and was able to help his friend.

Hence began a rivalry between Warrior Jr. Y Mysterio each week, which culminated in the event of PPV (Pay per event) called No way out, where the Mexican would defend his cruiserweight title with the company of the Maromero.

Maromero Páez in No Way Out

The event took place on February 15 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and the fifth fight of the night was for the Crucero de Wwe, where Mistery King beside Jorge “Maromero” Páez defended the belt against Chavo Guerrero who was accompanied by his father.

During the fight, the father of Chavo Guerrero tried on several occasions to get the Mexican out of concentration, until finally the Maromero He no longer resisted and gave a tremendous right to the man that left him semi knocked out. For this action, the referee in turn expelled the former boxer from the ring and sent him to the locker room.

Finally, Mistery King lost the championship, because the father of Warrior He pushed him from the third rope, something that his son took advantage of to get on top of the masked man and the referee counted the three claps and thus become the new monarch of cruising weight of the Wwe.

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