Historical! Bruce Arians broke a record in the Super Bowl

Historical!  Bruce Arians broke a record in the Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrates in local condition the triumph in the Super bowl, after beating Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. The squad returned to the ‘Big Game’ after 19 years of absence, and managed to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy under the orders of the head coach, Bruce arians. The coach has broken a record by becoming the longest-serving in his position to achieve the title of the NFL.

Bruce Arians dethrones Belichick

The scene of this Sunday, February 7, went viral. After the interception of Devin White to end the last offensive phase of the Chiefs, Bruce arians he removed his headphones and put on his champion’s cap. The coach celebrated the title on the side of the court while Tom Brady burned the final seconds in victory formation. This one didn’t even prevent the energy drink shower.

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With the victory of the Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium, the coach broke the record of the longest-serving coach in the NFL. The record It was in the hands of Bill Belichick, who took the championship ring at age 66 after the New England Patriots’ victory over the LA Rams in 2019. Now the brand is under his belt, being champion at 68 years old.

This is the first title of Bruce arians at Super bowl as head coach. It should be remembered that he already won 2 rings as an assistant coach for the Pittsburg Steelers, but had never achieved it as a head coach. One fact that has impressed his career is that he made his debut in the position at the age of 60, when he took command of the Arizona Cardinals.

Tom brady

Arians gave much of the credit for this Super bowl Tom Brady, who brought his experience to Buccaneers after after 9 finals and 6 rings with the Patriots. He is a winner. That’s all I can say. He brought a winning mentality to a really talented team that didn’t know how to win, ”he said about the greatest quarterback of all time.

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