Promoter Daniel Kinahan rejects BBC allegations that he is head of a drug cartel in Ireland

Daniel Kinahan, promotor inglés rechaza señalamientos de la BBC de ser jefe de grupo de la delincuencia organizada

Daniel kinahan, an Irish promoter, denied involvement in an organized crime group, after a documentary from the BBC point him out as the boss.

Kinahan founded the company MTK who is dedicated to the management and counseling of athletes, among whom are English fighters such as Tyson fury Y Billy joe saunders. The Irishman was identified in a court in his country in 2018 as the leader of an organized crime group that trafficked weapons, drugs, and is involved in multiple crimes.

Last June, Bob yalen, President of MTK Global, announced that Daniel kinahan He would no longer be involved in the company and that he would no longer work in boxing, to defend himself against the accusations. However, a recent documentary released by the BBC in England reveals that Daniel Kinahan He is still involved with boxing at the highest level.

In a statement issued to the English portal talkSPORT, Kinahan confirms that he is still involved in boxing. And not only that, it suggests that he is still involved in organizing the fight between Tyson fury Y Anthony Joshua, in his role as advisor to Fury.

“I have tried to ignore what has been said about me lately,” he said. Kinahan in a statement addressed to the English portal talkSPORT. “I have been working in boxing for 15 years. I have worked from the bottom and I have reached the top. I am proud to say today that I have helped organize more than a dozen title fights around the world. “

“I remain involved in planning multiple (fights) that will break records and exciting fights for world titles,” he continued. Kinahan, “I’m doing my best to give fans around the world the fights they want. My professional commitment is always with boxers, those who take the last risk ”.

Kinahan is an Irish boxing promoter who is advising important fighters such as Billy joe saunders, Tyson fury, among others. Your promoter MGM was sold in 2017 to Sandra vaughn and changed the name to MTK.

A report from Panorama, a research series that is broadcast on BBC One at UK, exposed the charges towards Kinahan for a dispute against an organized crime family from Republic of Ireland. That dispute had one of its highest points in February 2016, when a command of four hitmen entered the Regency Hotel where the weigh-in for the boxing match between Jamie kavanagh Y Antonio Joao Bento for the european championship OMB lightweight looking to assassinate Daniel kinahan. In the attack he died David byrne, identified as an assistant to Kinahan. In the police investigation, it was reported that the attack attempted to assassinate other people who were present, without success. In addition to the deceased, two more people were injured.

Defense of Daniel Kinahan

Amir khan, who was linked to Kinahan, wrote some tweets defending the promoter.

“I have met Daniel (for some time), ”he wrote. “I have immense respect for what he has done for boxing. We need people like Dan to keep the sport alive. One of the best men I have ever known.

For its part, Kinahan He said he had nothing to do with the organized crime charges.

“I am Irish, born and raised in Dublin“, argument. “In a marginalized area with high levels of poverty, crime, low investment. People like me, hence, are not expected to do anything with their lives other than serve the middle and upper class. Boxing is a work sport that I have loved and been passionate about all my life. I love boxing, but I didn’t love how the business was done. Many boxers have the same background as me. “

“I got into boxing to make sure the fighters were rewarded and not taken advantage of (of them),” he said. Kinahan. “My mission is to make sure boxers are financially secure when they finish boxing and healthy. Let’s not forget that money in boxing is put in one way or another by fans, sponsors and television companies, not by me, not by someone else and they put it to see the boxers. The fighters deserve their fair share ”.

Threat to reporter

Daniel kinahan is one of the closest people to Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB. The Irish promoter was the one who rescued the British boxer and put him back on the map, as well as the first to notify him that a possible fight against Anthony Joshua it was possible.

However, since these accusations were made public, he moved away from the promoter and from public life.

After the segment Panorama was broadcast on the BBC with the signs towards Daniel kinahan, a reporter was notified by the police that he was being threatened and stated that “journalists always have to do their work freely, free from any threat or harassment.”

“I firmly believe that my success in public life has increased a campaign against me,” he said. “Practically everything is said about me or related to me and it is not questioned and it is believed, sadly. Last week it was said that I threatened a reporter.

“My concern is that I have not received fair and credible journalism, especially in the UK and Ireland”He commented. “The program Panorama of the BBC is the most recent example. They were unsubstantiated accusations that have been made on several occasions. It was very sensational and lacks evidence or critical analysis. “

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