SC Freiburg vs. Borussia Dortmund – Match Report – February 6, 2021

SC Freiburg vs.  Borussia Dortmund - Match Report - February 6, 2021

(EFE) – Freiburg won this Saturday 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund, Sevilla’s rival in the second round of the Champions League, which still cannot shake off the crisis it is going through.

The defeat pushes Dortmund away from the Champions League spots, as the competitors managed to win their matches.

Leipzig beat Schalke 3-0, Bayer Leverkusen defeated Stuttgart 5-2 and Wolfsburg 2-0 against Augsburg.

Dortmund allowed little to Freiburg during the first half. The local finished on goal in the 12th minute and then did not finish again until the 50th with a shot from outside the area by Jeong that ended in the Rivala goal.

Two minutes later, Frenchman Jonathan Schmid, also with a shot from a distance, scored the second for Freiburg.

Goalkeeper Manfred Hitz was partly responsible for the goal. The shot was the first post and it bounced off it, then touched Hitz’s arm and went to the back of the net.

Dortmund had had the best chance before, with a shot at the crossbar by Emre Can, but, in general terms, they had had difficulties to disturb and things did not change after the two goals from Freiburg although the pressure increased.

Yousuffa Moukoko achieved the discount in the 76th to a pass from Erling Haaland and in the final quarter of an hour Dortmund was turned on the attack but rarely reaching clear positions to finish on goal.

The distance that separates Dortmund now from fourth place is 3 points, which Leverkusen currently occupies.

Freiburg, with the victory, gets back into the fight for European positions.

Leipzig, with their victory, consolidated in second place, seven points behind leaders Bayern that last night defeated Hertha 1-0.

The third now is Wolfsburg, with three points less than Leipzig and already six above Dortmund

At the bottom of the standings, Schalke’s situation still does not improve after the loss to Leipzig. The penultimate classified, Mainz, on the other hand, achieved a 1-0 victory against Unión Berlin, thus cutting the distance between the remaining squares to four points.

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