Shocked! Andy Reid broke the silence on his son’s accident after the loss in the Super Bowl

Shocked!  Andy Reid broke the silence on his son's accident after the loss in the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs received a severe blow just before the dispute of the Super bowl. The son of Andy Reid, and also coach of outside linebackers, Britt reid, suffered a strong car accident that has left a girl in critical condition. Behind the loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers In the ‘Big Game’, the head coach has declared about what happened.

Andy Reid stands in solidarity with those affected

The coach of the Chiefs spoke about what happened at the press conference after the defeat. «I had not had the opportunity to attend to them since the accident in which my son was involved. My heart goes out to everyone who was involved in it accident, especially with the family of the little girl who is fighting for her life.

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“It is a difficult situation. I can’t comment on anything else, but from a human point of view, my heart bleeds for everyone involved in that. ” Andy Reid. It is worth highlighting that Britt did not travel to Tampa with the team, and is expected to face charges for the accident. Police reports indicate that he was allegedly driving drunk.

Without excuse

The head coach of the Chiefs denied that the situation with his son affected Kansas City’s plans for this Super bowl. Andy Reid confirmed that the team played as planned despite the loss. «We elaborated the game plan in the week before accident. It was not a distraction from the game plan. How we were going to work was already planned.

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes dedicated a few words to those affected by the accident, but denied that this influenced the result. “It is a very tragic situation, I send my prayers to the families involved, especially for the minor. I don’t mean to say that it affected us in the field. They defeated us, and there are no excuses for that.

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