Unusual! This is how the strangest bets of the Super Bowl were

Unusual!  This is how the strangest bets of the Super Bowl were

The night of this February 7 was vibrant thanks to the Super bowl. The event had attractions both in sports and in the field of entertainment in general for its Halftime Show. However, bettors also feasted on the ‘Big Game’ of the NFL, and there were several events that caused some to earn absurd amounts of money.

The most hectic bettors make their ‘prop bets’ at the biggest sporting events. These are, basically, proposals for possible events that do not have a direct impact on the development of the meeting. The Super bowl is one of the favorite attractions for this type of bets, and they were present this Sunday night in Tampa.

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Super Bowl prop bets

Between the bets more particular of Super bowl, highlighted the prediction of the color of the energy drink with which they would bathe the winning coach of the match. As soon as the match ended, Bruce Arians was drenched in blue liquid, giving bettors a win of +800. This was one of the least likely options in the previous one according to the data published by bets in the previous one.

The other particular event that attracted attention during the Super bowl it was the invasion of the court by a fanatic. This happened just over 5 minutes from the end of the game, when the scoreboard already showed 31-9 in favor of the Tampa Buccaneers. The individual managed to circumvent security, and entered the field of play. Within seconds, he was caught.

Although it is relatively common for this to happen, it was difficult to anticipate this event, given the strict security measures of the Super bowl, especially in times of pandemic. TUDN journalist Adriana Monsalve asked her colleague, Alfredo Tame, the question publicly after what happened. The specialist revealed that the field invasion bet paid +550.

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