Bomb! Patricky Freire challenged a current UFC star: “I want a chance”

Bomb!  Patricky Freire challenged a current UFC star: "I want a chance"

The current Bellator champion, Patricky Freire, sent a strong message to a star of UFC. Is about Max holloway, who comes from crushing Alexandr Volkanovski in the first event of the year. Now, although they both belong to different companies, each one knows that it would be a unique show with many millions involved. There is nothing official yet, but the desire is not lacking.

Starting with your words, Freire He said, “I definitely want to have a chance with those guys, especially the ones that people say I can’t beat or would easily beat me. Not that the UFC interested me more, actually. I would like to create history, something new in the sport, create a great cross promotion, like in boxing where the champions sometimes fight each other.

Be? Patricky Freire gave the winner between Poirier and Chandler in the title fight: “He’ll make it easy.”

“That is what we are missing in MMA at the moment. I’d like to be the guy to start that. There is something else I would like to add to this sport. I would like to be part of this great movement to make this change and force the UFC. I already beat your future champion. So let’s get everyone together and see who really is the best. The fans would want that. Sport needs it, “he said.

Will it be given?

Continuing with your ideas, Patricky He highlighted: “No more, ‘This promotion or that promotion?’ There is a commercial side to things, but people want to see the best fighting the best. The future belongs to God. We’ll see what’s next. maybe Max holloway get tired of making pennies in the UFC and come to Bellator so we can put on a great show at a stadium in Hawaii. “

«We could see a change from the best guys in UFC next to Bellator. If you think there is no money here, it is a lie. Bellator would be willing to pay for those who deserve it. We will see what the future holds: where will I be, where will they be and what Bellator will be willing to do. But I have no worries. I know he’s going to do something good, “he concluded. Patricky Freire.

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