Chitero, DT del Depro: “Tomorrow I could take out garbage in a building again”

Chitero, DT del Depro: "Tomorrow I could take out garbage in a building again"

A true life story. Sergio Chitero, author of five goals in the Argentine Cup during his career as a striker, left football momentarily to be in charge of a building and teacher in a school. Waiting to fulfill his dream of being a coach, he never stopped preparing and the opportunity came: he will debut against River in the most important match in the history of Defensores de Pronunciamiento. “You have to enjoy these unique things about football. Inside the field, nobody takes the illusion out of the players,” he said on the official tournament page

The pandemic advanced Sergio Chitero’s plan that started the isolation with a job and in the middle he mutated. The interruption of the football calendar and the delay in the return of the Regional Tournament led to the confirmation of the forward’s retirement. He had to earn his bread and did not hesitate, he took up the job of teacher in a school and was also in charge of a building, but he never stopped preparing to fulfill his true goal: to rub shoulders with football again. After so much fighting, this Wednesday he will have the opportunity he was looking for.

“I used to tell my field assistant (Daniel Waldner) that, while I was sweeping, I was already thinking about how to lay out a team. At that time, he was leading a group of players who were in amateur football. The connection and energy are very important, they made these doors open for me. You have to know how to value the moment, we are all the same. Many concepts of those works are currently applied in football “Chitero remarked, who at the end of January received the call from President Oscar Perrón to take over to replace Hernán Orcellet in the substitute bank of Defensores de Pronunciamiento, a club that plays in the Federal Tournament.

What will be the rival of the debut with the entrerriano team? River, current champion of the Argentine Cup and recent semifinalist of the Libertadores. An unbeatable test to start retracing your career in a new position. “I reached professionalism when I grew up. You have to value the person and respect the other. I love this sport, I am passionate but I stay the same as always. It is my turn to direct against River and tomorrow I can be again taking out garbage in a building, “he stressed, without reservations or doubts.

The 32nd Finals match will mark the presentation of Defenders of Pronouncement in the Final Phase of the AXION energy Argentina Cup. With a roster made up of a majority of footballers from the club, it will be an opportunity to prove one’s worth against one of the best teams in South America. “Clearly it will be complicated, but it is a nice feeling for us. I am calm and, in turn, anxious. Hernán (Orcellet) and his coaching staff would have to be there because they were the ones who commanded the team at this stage ”, he valued the work done by his predecessor, who currently directs Gimnasia de Concepción del Uruguay. An agonizing goal by Nazareno Rodríguez allowed the Entrepreneur team to unlock the key against Crucero del Norte, corresponding to the Regional Preliminary Phase, and qualify for the historic match that will be played this Wednesday, from 9:10 p.m., at the Florencio Sola stadium in Banfield. “You have to enjoy these unique things about football. Inside the field, nobody takes the illusion out of the players. They are really happy, they have experience at Federal and a great number were in the promotion of the club. The federal contest gives us the opportunity to leave it well represented before a great like River “, he sentenced, in the same note of #LIVECOPAARGENTINA.

“Personally, I like an offensive style and I will meet a coach who shares the idea and is one of those who best expresses it on the court. A true crack, only a few other colleagues (Hernán Crespo, Luis Zubeldia) have managed to overturn a similar game. In such a petty and tedious context, having a fluid soccer with a solid idea is worthy of admiration. What River generates and the visual impact generates recognition ”, was the praise dedicated by Chitero to Marcelo Gallardo, architect of one of the founding stages in the history of the Millionaire. Which player from the rival team would the Defensores de Pronunciamiento coach stay with? “With everyone (laughs). If I have to choose one, it would be Enzo Pérez. An emblem and figure. But I also really like Rafael Santos Borré. We are seeing with the coaching staff how and where to surprise them ”, he acknowledged.

Twelve games divided into three clubs characterized Chitero’s walk as a footballer in the integrative competition. The balance is slightly positive at the results level (predominance of draws and four victories against three defeats) and increases in the individual approach, since he scored five goals that consolidate him in the historical list of scorers of the contest. “With Atlético Paraná (2011-2012 edition) we had a great campaign, we reached the 32nd Final since the Argentine B Tournament and we played a very even game against Banfield. The Interior footballer, especially the amateur, has an innate motivation that is demonstrated in those commitments against hierarchical rivals ”, he analyzed that outstanding performance with the Dean, who experienced a true revolution of emotions in the last decade: he rose two categories to the B Nacional and, later, it decreased them consecutively.

After an adverse streak in penalties definitions with Patronato (“I especially remember Tristán Suárez’s, it didn’t end anymore. Surely some of us will train for the game with River. It would be a unique experience”), Chitero was decisive with Defensores de Pronunciamiento in the Regional Preliminary Phase of 2018: he scored three goals for Gimnasia de Concepción del Uruguay. However, Orcellet only gave him 23 minutes in the subsequent series against Douglas Haig, which ended with the elimination of the Entre Ríos team. “I don’t remember well, maybe I came from recovering from an injury and he saved me, we also had commitments from the Federal Tournament A. Anyway, if I have a player who comes from scoring three goals for a tournament, I put it the same way”, he highlighted, laughing.

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