Cross between Fatialofa and Worcester for hospital expenses

Cross between Fatialofa and Worcester for hospital expenses

Michael Fatialofa, who last year suffered a cervical injury which produced a temporary paralysis of the body and a five-month hospitalization, tweeted this Tuesday against his club Worcester and from the club they responded with an official statement.

“Hopefully Worcester will pay my hospital bill this year,” the player wrote wryly on the social network followed by crossed fingers. The club immediately picked up the glove and responded bluntly: “We are disappointed and surprised to read Michael’s comment on social media about the outstanding hospital fees, as we have not heard from him or anyone since he returned from New Zealand before Christmas.” Thus began the text, which then explained:

“To be clear, we will always be here to support you and we are just a phone call away. We are also concerned that the hospital where you were treated still appears to be contacting Michael about unpaid fees because we are also awaiting a response to our last communication with them.

The club has already paid the fees for which it was responsible, which amounts to tens of thousands of pounds, which exceed the club’s obligations and insurance. Neither the club nor Michael are responsible for the additional fees.

We invite the hospital to follow the correct procedure and claim the fees from the Clinical Commissioning Group, with our full support and appreciation for the care provided to Michael. We have not heard from the hospital or the CCG and this is the first time we have heard from anyone on this subject.

The situation remains as we said in our previous statement last July. We have done everything we can to move things forward. We contacted the hospital as promised and even sought an answer. We are still waiting for a response from them. Only the hospital can send the request to the CCG, not us, this is not how the system works.

It appears that Michael has misunderstood the correct procedure in this regard, but we remain committed to supporting him in resolving these fees.

We care deeply for Michael, we have a desire to support him, we did our best in his rehabilitation even after his contract ended, including paying visas, and we want him to know that we will always be here for him.

HCR Law, our club’s attorneys, stand by to protect Michael if the hospital attempts to claim the fees from either of us instead of following the correct procedure and submitting a claim to the CCG.

We are happy to speak with the Pacific Islands Players Association and will be grateful for any help they can offer to protect Michael.

The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital did a fantastic job taking care of Michael and we are hopeful that they do not spoil what would otherwise be a fantastic success story in Michael’s miraculous recovery from such a serious injury. We wait your answer.”

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