Fearsome! This is the physique of Paulo Costa for his return to the UFC

Fearsome!  This is the physique of Paulo Costa for his return to the UFC

After being knocked out by Israel Adesanya, Paulo Costa he trains pretty hard for his Return in UFC. His fall was at UFC 253, where the Nigerian did the same with the South American in the second round and took a new defense of “the island of the fight.” The Brazilian had promised to knock him out, but ultimately it was he who ended up being knocked unconscious on the canvas. Therefore, now he seeks to redeem himself.

Wallid Ismail, his trainer, mentioned long ago: “This is the best fight for 185, No. 1 against No. 2. The winner… Borrachinha will win, and with that win, just imagine how many vision payments a rematch with Adesanya would do. It is a business. It’s the best pay-per-view possible because Borrachinha and Adesanya really hate each other, but we can’t put the division on hold.

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That’s why we have to do this for the interim belt. It’s a win-win for UFC, and that’s what Dana White wants. He knows that Borrachinha vs. Whittaker will sell well, and he also knows how much the title unification fight will sell, “he also acknowledged, making clear what he believes best for the future of his ward. Now, it only remains to know what will come for the Brazilian.

Costa’s words

«I come here to talk about the actions that human trash did after our fight. I didn’t see when he was there in the cage, but I saw him now. I disapprove 100 percent. For me, this is personal now. No one will stop me. No one can stop me, “was what the South American explained a few weeks ago, despite the fact that Israel Adesanya is no longer interested in being against him again.

To close, Paulo Costa he dictated: «I want my revenge. You know I’m waiting for you Something happened before the fight, I am not making excuses here to my people, to my fans, but I will be 100 percent to fight him and make him pay. That is my word. Save my words. You know me and you know, I’m not going to come here with excuses, but I will be 100 percent in my next fight and I want to be 100 percent.

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